Business Manager Academy

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What is the Business Manager Academy?

MSBO has partnered with skilled past and present business managers to share their knowledge and experience in school finance. The Academy is designed for those who want to gain in-depth, practical, “hands-on” working knowledge in school finance. Coupled with individual mentoring opportunities, the program will assist participants in their positions, and as part of an overall school district administrative team. The 2020-21 Academy begins August 2020 and runs through June 2021.

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The Academy consists of:

  • 11 class sessions
  • Online technical content provided for advanced self-study
  • Facilitated “in-person” work sessions designed to foster skills through “real-world” case examples
  • Individual mentoring opportunities to allow for personalized professional support
  • MSBO certification credit available and college credit may be available pending approval
  • SCECHs and college credit will be awarded pending approval


Topics for discussion include:

  • Budgeting
  • Cash flow and borrowing
  • Working relations with unions, board members, superintendent, staff, and public including presentations, communication, and navigating various political situations in ways that allow the district to move forward
  • Human resource topics
  • Negotiating collective bargaining agreements
  • Facilities, Food Service, Transportation, Technology and Curriculum Topics
  • Bond issues security
  • Other topics as brought forth from participants or related to current issues


2020-21 Business Manager Academy is now accepting applications through August 5, 2020

Three scholarships will be available for each location. Download the scholarship application.

Academy locations are:

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