Membership Benefits

Active Member Benefits

Get the latest information through MSBO workshops and conferences, including the MSBO Annual Conference with more than 200 topics and sessions presented and over 330 exhibits providing products/services for school districts.

MSBO represents its members on a wide variety of oversight and advisory committees (MDE, MISEC, CEPI, MPSERS, MILAF+, Education Alliance, 1022 Committee, and others).

14 separate training tracks are offered: three for business office personnel, two for pupil accounting, plus food services, operations, facilities, transportation, payroll specialist, human resources, technology managers, purchasing, and educational data.

MSBO Committees, Regional Groups, and Listservs will connect you with members in your field and region of the state. Sign up for one or more of our listservs to share information and learn from your colleagues by emailing Lillie Rapelje at Look up colleagues in the Membership Directory.

MSBO offers products and services that benefit school districts, including BidSync, Bus Purchase Program, Business Manager Academy, Dynamic Budget Projections, Edventures in Learning, Hiring Solutions, Michigan Schools Energy Cooperative, Michigan School District Liquid Asset Fund Plus, PaySchools, Public Surplus, Purchasing Cards, SafeSchools,, and U.S. Communities.

Timely information through the MSBO newsletter (published monthly), e-News & Notes e-mails, MASA Leader (available @ $30/year), and the MSBO website. Look up member companies in the Membership Directory and the School Purchasing Pages.

Associate Member Benefits

Every Associate member is listed on our School Purchasing Pages, an online directory of products and services available from our Associate Members.

MSBO Associate Members receive the first opportunities to exhibit at and/or sponsor a variety of events.

Timely information through the MSBO eNews & Views newsletter (published monthly), e-News & Notes e-mails, MASA Leader (available @ $30/year), and the MSBO website.

Look up members and member companies in the Membership Directory.


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