Bus Recalls

Recall Information from SafeCar

A comprehensive list of recalls for vehicles (including buses), tires and child restraint devices. There is a link where you can sign up to receive, via e-mail, recall alerts as they are posted.

Chronological Listing

  • 11/15/13; ID #13V504000: 2005-2013 Blue Bird buses with flip seats may allow passengers sitting behind the flip seat to have their toe or foot pinched in the forward seat.
  • 9/30/13; ID #13V481000: The nut that affixes the steering wheel on 2011, 2013 & 2014 Spartan bus chassis may have been insufficiently tightened.The loose steering wheel nut may cause the steering wheel to come loose resulting in loss of vehicle control, increasing the risk of a crash.
  • 9/25/13; ID #13V469000: 2009-2010 Collins buses may have a faulty electric door actuator, which may lead to fire.
  • 9/18/13; ID #13V468000; 2013 Thomas buses may have floor joints that may not stay joined, which may result in floor separation and additional injuries in the event of a crash.
  • 9/9/13; ID #13V406000; 2013 buses may have a defective metal roof joing, which may result in increased injury in the event of a crash.
  • 8/7/13; ID #13V308000: 2011 through 2014 buses that failed knee impact testing, which may result in increased injury in the event of a crash.
  • 7/5/13; ID #13V294000: 2010 and 2012 Transportation Collaborative buses with certain Ricon wheelchair lifts that may cause a short circuit resulting in a fire.
  • 5/15/13; ID #13V200000: 2010 to 2014 All American buses equipped with certain Flip Seats that are installed in front of another passenger seat make it possible for the occupant of the rearward passenger seat to insert their toes and/or foot into the lower frame area of the Flip Seat, which could cause the occupant of the rearward seat to suffer a pinch point injury to their toes and/or foot.
  • 1/17/13; ID #13V019000-2011 to 2013 International buses: The injection pressure regulator (IPR) harness wire may break due to vibrational damage, which could cause an unexpected shut down of the engine and increase the risk of a vehicle crash.
  • 12/21/12; ID #12V586000-2013 Blue Bird buses: Castle nut that attaches the drag link to the steering arm may not have the proper torque, which could cause a failure of the steering and potentially a crash.
  • 12/19/12; ID #12V570000-2011 to 2013 Thomas buses: Fan pulley on some diesel engines may fail, causing the loss of engagement of the water pump.
  • 11/15/12; ID #12V538000-2013 & 2014 Vision buses: Defective brake light switch mounting bracket may cause the brake lights to illuminate continuously.
  • 8/7/12; ID #12V358000-2013 Thomas School Bus: Front axle knuckle may have a machine error, which may lead to premature spindle failure.
  • 8/2/12; ID #12V362000– 2011-12 Micro Bird School Bus: ProLo roof escape hatch may require more force in opening, resulting in possible injury to the vehicle occupants.
  • 8/2/12; ID #12V359000-2013 Blue Bird School Bus: Driver’s seat belts may have been installed with mismatched buckles, which may not allow the latch plate to be properly engaged.
  • 7/25/12; ID #12V340000-2012 Collins Bus Corp.: Split sash emergency egress windows may fail to operate in a crash, resulting in increased risk for passengers.
  • 7/2/12; ID #12V294000-2010 IC CE Bus: interior lower lining fails to comply with safety standards.
  • 12/13/11; ID #11V56900-2007-12 Blue Bird Bus: 60-gallon fuel tank refuel line may develop a leak that may cause more spillage than allowed and/or may cause a fire
  • 12/13/11; ID #11V573000-2011-2013 Thomas Bus: Grid heater ground wire may short and cause a fire.
  • 12/13/11; ID #11V578000-2012 Thomas Bus: Exterior lighting turn signal may short out and fail, resulting in reduced visibility.
  • 4/13/11; ID #11V204000-2000-2003 Thomas Bus: Equipped with an incorrect tire load certification label, which may lead to vehicle overloading that can result in a tire failure, which may lead to a vehicle crash.
  • 4/13/11; ID #11V222000-2006-2011 Thomas Bus: Defective fuse holder may result in high temperature and/or vibration, resulting in high resistance and arcing.
  • 4/7/11; ID #11V218000-2004-2006 Blue Bird School Bus:Defective battery cable installation may cause short circuit and catch fire.
  • 9/9/10; ID #10V393000-2004-2010 Ford School Bus: Improperly routed power cables may cause short circuit and catch fire.
  • 1/18/10; ID #10V012000-2003-2004 International School Bus: Battery and engine ECM cables may chaffe and cause an electrical short
  • 12/22/09; ID #09V479000-2008-2010 Blue Bird School Bus: Front roof cap may have incorrect number of rivets
  • 12/17/09; ID #09V472000-2008-2009 Colliins School Bus: Braun wheelchair lift may be installed incorrectly
  • 12/3/09; ID #09V462000-2006-2010 Thomas Bird School Bus: Accelerator pedal may become stuck
  • 11/24/09; ID #09V450000-2006-2010 Blue Bird School Bus: Tire selection & rim placards
  • 11/19/09; ID #09V441000-2010 Blue Bird School Bus: Optional wheelchair lift power lift cable

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