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Bus Purchase Program

The MSBO Bus Program is open from October 1, 2021 –  December 31, 2021.


This includes the MSBO Bus Purchase Program, Transportation Benchmarking Surveys, MSBO Transportation Committee, Bus Leasing Analysis, Mechanic Certification, and a variety of publications and resources.


This includes the Facilities Benchmarking Reports and Worksheet, Maintenance & Operations Cost Studies by ASU, Construction Bidding & Agreement Forms, MRSA, IPM, Best Practices, as well as policies and other resources. You will also find energy information, including sample energy policies, energy conservation measures, Michigan School Energy Cooperative (MISEC) information, a variety of resources for energy program management, high performance buildings and much more.

Food and Nutrition Services

This includes the MSBO Food & Nutrition Committee, Food Laws & Regulations, Food Service automation, contracting with food service management companies, and MDE, Michigan and Federal resources.


This includes resources and informational links.


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