MSBO Certification Program

Applications and Documents

For more information about the MSBO Voluntary Certification program, check the FAQs, or contact:

  • Final Application:  This document is to be submitted at the end of the program; once you have completed all the required classes.
  • Renewal Application:  Once you have attended the required professional development and are within one month of your deadline, complete the renewal application and submit it to MSBO with the documents required on the front page of the application. Renewal requirements are different for each track.
  • Grandparenting Application:  You are a candidate for grandparenting if you have over five years of school experience and satisfy the prerequisites of the certification track you wish to be certified in. If you think you have experience or have taken classes that may be used toward a certification track, complete the application. Determination is made on a case-by-case basis.
  • Certification Class Index:  Each year MSBO provides a schedule for certification classes. Each class is offered at least once in a three-year period. Many classes are offered every year or every other year based on the need. The index provides information on the classes required for each certification track and how often the classes are offered.
  • Request for Extension:  Must maintain Active MSBO membership, as well as employment in a Michigan public school system.
  • Class Waiver:  This form is to be completed to waive any certification class requirement in the MSBO Voluntary Certification Program. (Example: to waive a specific certification class required in your enrolled track due to other credentials or experience in the content of the class.)

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