Public Surplus

General Information

Does your School District have extra inventory you need to dispose of? Maybe you need to get rid of that old school bus or a few pieces of lawn equipment. Learn more about how we can help you dispose of your surplus inventory.

The Public Surplus system is easy to use, with features to enhance your selling experience. There are no exaggerated claims, no contracts, and no up front fees.

Disposing of Surplus Inventory

The online auction system was created with unique capabilities exclusively for public and educational agencies. is more than an auction website. It is a tool that your school district can use to organize, automate and manage your entire surplus inventory process.

Benefits of Public Surplus

  • Comply with state and local regulations and policies by automatically maintaining audit records, automating reallocation of surplus.
  • Large numbers of buyers from your community, as well as specialty buyers from across the nation.
  • FREE to agencies for registering, listing or re-listing items for sale.
  • 7.5% fee payable ONLY when items sell.
  • No commitment required.

Registering Your District

Becoming a member of Public Surplus and Public Purchase is free.

Become a member of Public Surplus by visiting the Seller Registration Page and completing the required information. Once you’re registered, the system will send you a confirmation e-mail with an account activation link. Then, you are ready to begin selling your surplus inventory through our specialized online auction system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Almost anything can be sold on Public Surplus; Mousetraps, portable classrooms, automobiles, buses, heavy equipment, shop equipment, kitchen equipment, athletic equipment, musical instruments, computers, printers, furniture, etc, etc. It’s amazing! Almost everything listed sells, no matter how old or how odd.

Due to the fact that each and every Agency is different and has unique needs, Public Surplus has changed their “one size fits all” pricing model. Pricing is now calculated for each Agency based on many variables, including volume of business, value of items being listed, unique needs, etc. We strongly believe that no other company is able to offer a comparable product, at our level of service, and beat our price. Based on the variables described, it is possible the fee we charge the Agency can be as low as FREE.

No! Public Surplus is available on an, ‘At Will,’ basis. We understand that agencies would use Public Surplus only so long as it is better than any alternative available to them. This provides us motivation to continuously provide the best service and technology available.

Yes! Training and customer support is provided at no cost to all users of the system. However, the great thing about Public Surplus is that it is, so easy to learn and use that it only requires a short amount of training.


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