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MISEC has been assembling a team of experts to assist you in exploring the potential of solar energy for your district.

Through MISEC’s Bringing Renewable Innovation to Education (BRITE) program, participating districts can join in a collective initiative for a preferred solar developer capable of delivering high-efficiency, broad scale, and affordable solar solutions to schools.

MISEC successfully addressed the deregulation of natural gas in the 90’s and electricity during the early 2000’s. Now, on-site solar is the MISEC energy option that can help your district “go green” and save money too!

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Take Command of Your Energy Costs

For over 22 years Michigan’s educational community has had an advocate working for them in the procurement and management of their energy needs. The Michigan Schools Energy Cooperative (MISEC) has been providing un-biased insight into the energy markets for over 285 districts statewide.

Organized in 1997 (with the support of MSBO, MASA, MAISA, MASB and MCEA) under the Urban Cooperation Act, this not-for-profit cooperative is managed by an Executive Committee of school officials and is designed to be your strategic partner as it pertains to the complex business of procuring natural gas and electricity for your school district.

Since its inception, MISEC has become the largest program of its type in the United States managing in excess of $100M annually of energy on behalf of Michigan’s public education community. In addition to providing its members with low-cost competitive energy, MISEC also provides its members with a complete portfolio of services such as; competitive bidding of your energy needs, energy contract negotiation and review, complete bill review and audit (100% of utility/supplier error findings returned to the district), consolidated billing, and online energy reporting.

If your district is using MISEC for their energy needs, then you can rest assured that you are getting the most comprehensive program available in the market today. If your district is not utilizing the services of MISEC, you owe it to district to investigate and see what a difference it can make.

Start Saving Today

Michigan Schools Energy Cooperative (MISEC)
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MISEC’s Independent Energy Manager

The MISEC independent energy manager is Schneider Electric. Schneider Electric provides energy management services to organizations in a wide range of industries.  Schneider Electric has experience leading companies worldwide to cost effective and sustainable energy.

Schneider Electric is your independent and unbiased advocate, always focused on the best interest of your district.


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