Signature Line Images for Events

The first signature line (with your picture) is for your main email signature. The condensed version beneath it is for replies/forwards.

  • Important: The version of Outlook you use affects the process to implement these!

If Old Outlook: Highlight the content, copy+paste (paste special to be sure) into the signature field.

If New Outlook: Highlight the content, click and drag into the signature field. Pasting won’t work. Microsoft decided we don’t need to copy and paste anymore, for some reason.

Your signature should look exactly as it does here. If it does not, try re-highlighting and make sure you grab the entire thing.

Courtney Byam

Bob Dwan

Deneen Hansen

Nancy Hawkins

Jason Helsen

Nancy Jungkans

Debbie Kopkau

Kim Laugherty

Patty Lenneman

Scott Little

Morgan Messing

Tim Peraino

Lillie Rapelje

Erin Rommeck