25th Annual Facilities/Operations Director Conference

October 1-3, 2023 • Crystal Mountain Resort • Thompsonville, MI 49683

Get in-depth information on all important current school facilities topics. School buildings are the largest financial asset of a district. Maintaining them properly is critical to successful educational programs and this conference provides the necessary information to do it right. This is a valuable conference for facilities and operations directors as well as superintendents and business managers.

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A full list of breakout sessions – including presentations and handouts – will be available once the conference begins.

Sunday • October 1, 2023

2:00 – 5:00 pm


(Tee times are 2:03 – 2:57 pm) 

Meet at the golf pro shop and form your own foursome. Please pay the golf pro shop for your golf. The cost is $29.

5:30 – 7:00 pm

Welcoming Reception

Special thanks to the following sponsors of the reception: Kingscott Associates, Inc., Nichols, OperationsHERO, and SERVPRO

Monday • October 2, 2023

7:00 – 7:50 am

Full Breakfast

Sponsored by: Interface + nora by Interface and Redford Lock Security Solutions

7:50 – 8:20 am

Opening Session

Presenter(s): Robert Dwan and Scott Little, MSBO 

8:30 – 11:30 am

(1) Custodial Operations

Understand custodial operations and learn best practices that focus on procedure manuals, scheduling and staffing, training, equipment and supplies, and service contracts.

Presenter(s): Glen Huizenga, Nichols and Jeff Miller, Kent ISD

(2) Facilities Planning, Design and Construction

Learn the principles in the planning and designing of educational facilities; options in methods of construction management; selection of design and construction professionals; and the bonding process, including laws, bidding requirement and record keeping.

Presenter(s): Steve Mrak and Scott Peck, Peter Basso Associates, Inc. and Bill Weinrauch, TMP Architects, Inc.

8:30 – 9:50 am

(3) Boiler History 2.0: Reboot, Rebuild, Re-Think

Many schools have oversized boilers that are often inefficient, resulting in unnecessary energy costs. Learn the benefits of properly tuning and adjusting existing boilers to lower energy costs. Discover how best to size new boilers when replacement becomes necessary. Simply replacing an oversized boiler with another oversized boiler doesn’t offer much relief. Learn how to look at implementing effective boiler replacements that result in better performance and lower costs.

Presenter(s): Alan Deal, Performance Engineering Group, Inc.

(4) Roof Maintenance and Loss Prevention

Regular roof inspections can help extend roof life, prevent damage, and reduce the need for emergency repairs. Inspecting and maintaining roof surfaces, drains, and downspouts helps protect your facilities and prevent loss. Learn how to conduct and document roof inspections, common maintenance challenges, and how to identify if your roof is at risk.

Presenter(s): Skip Barclay, SET SEG  

(5) Leadership and Culture

Good leadership and positive organizational culture matter more than ever. Learn 10 key lessons from a business leader and how to apply these lessons for your personal development and your team. Learn a leadership perspective in leading multiple companies to success and how this can apply to you and your organization.

Presenter(s): Ed Stasiak, KSS Enterprises   

(6) Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Makes Capital Outlay Planning Simpler, Faster, and More Defensible

Learn how GIS can help your school district know and assess the condition of buildings and infrastructure in an efficient manner. Discover how simple it is to implement, maintain, and get the most out of this technology.

Presenter(s): Steve Jurczuk and Ken Syers, C2AE Architecture + Engineering

(7) Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Effective, smart, and safe pest management in schools is critical for ensuring a healthy environment for children to learn and staff to teach. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) combats pests while improving management, lowering costs, and protecting the health and safety of students and staff. Meet MDARD’s new IPM and Public Health Pest Specialist and learn about IPM resources, provide input on IPM needs, and review state IPM requirements for schools.

Presenter(s): Emily Pochubay, Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD)

9:50 – 10:10 am


Sponsored by: Enerco Corporation, Enviro-Clean Services, Inc., and The D.M. Burr Group

10:10 – 11:30 am

(8) Invest In Quality for Construction and Renovation Success

Facility directors face many challenges when it comes to buildings and maintenance with specific considerations related to building and maintaining new facilities. There are hidden issues around every corner to address to ensure your projects are successful. From ensuring the building is maintainable, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing – to planning for a larger contingency fund for projects due to longer lead times. It’s also important to understand the ins and outs of selecting the lowest bidder. Hear first-hand experiences from experts in the industry who deal with these issues daily and learn more about how you can avoid making costly mistakes on your projects.

Presenter(s): Rob Atkins, Steve Lucas, Kelly Shrauger, and Steve Wisniewski, Kingscott Associates, Inc.

(9) Working with the “Entitled”… Or are we …

The generational makeup of our workplace has certainly changed over the past few years. Layer on a dose of pandemic and political unrest and we have found ourselves in uncertain watersWe will discuss some of the biases that we bring to work and life, dispel some of the misconceptions of our “Entitled” coworkers and customers and provide some strategies to view things from a different perspective. We can agree that we are all working to provide safe and healthy learning environments. It is just that sometimes we let life, our generational bias, and personalities cloud our judgement and focus.

Presenter(s): Ken Wertz, Massachusetts Facilities Administrators’ Association (MFAA)

(10) Watch Your Assets: Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for Facilities Professionals  

The Inflationary impacts on purchase prices, replacement parts, and labor, are driving double digit percentage increases in facilities management budgets. Controlling those costs requires more than just effective work order management. Developing a life-cycle view on cost and performance of each asset is critical. Learn the Key Performance Indicators (KPI), data management, reporting, and analysis tools necessary to successfully implement an EAM strategy.

Presenter(s): Tim Ammon, Zonar  

(11) Electric Vehicle Infrastructure in the District 

As electric vehicles (EV) become more common, districts will need to learn how to address EV charging for the public, faculty, or fleet use. Gain a better understanding of EV trends and terminology, along with the benefits and drawbacks. Learn how this may affect other systems, as well, such as electric utilities.

Presenter(s): William Chatfield, Walled Lake Consolidated Schools; William Holcomb, School District of the City of Pontiac

(12) Leverage Green Energy – Good for Environment, Saves Money 

Learn about Consumers Clean Energy Philosophy that results in more environmentally friendly ways to use energy. Learn more about the Demand Response program, which can also save your district money and learn about various rebates available.

Presenter(s): Mark Luehmann, Consumers Energy Company

11:40 am – 12:15 pm

Networking Luncheon with Exhibitors

12:15 – 2:15 pm

Exhibit Show

2:30 – 5:30 pm

(13) Maintenance Operations

Gain understanding of maintenance operations, including grounds, with a focus on preventative maintenance; scheduling and staffing; work order systems; and service contracts.

Presenter(s): Brett Baker and Todd Bell, Kentwood Public Schools 

(14) Emergency Preparedness Management

 Identify, develop, and learn how to execute a plan for emergency management.

Presenter(s): Jason Russell, Secure Education Consultants 

2:30 – 3:50 pm

(15) Developing Critical Mapping Strategies and More

Hear ideas on how best to develop critical mapping resources to ensure that first responders can respond more appropriately to events. Discover how this process can help in planning maintenance or repairs by allowing for better collaboration among stakeholders. It can also help support bidding and estimating. Discover how using this type of tool can not only comply with mapping requirements, but also improve your efficiency by reducing the need to always be physically present in a particular building.

Presenter(s): John Chwalibog, VTS – Virtual Technology Simplified  

(16) Update on Environmental Issues

Get up to speed on a variety of environmental issues that affect K-12 facilities, such as asbestos, lead, indoor air quality, etc. Emphasis will be placed on the direct impact of renovation and construction activities on the building’s environment. Explore the impact of water testing management plans, as well.

Presenter(s): Kary Amin, Nova Environmental, Inc. 

(17) The Voice in your Head – How to Control Your Emotions During Stressful Exchanges

We all have those voices in our heads. We are also all passionate about what we do. How do we manage that passion and make sure we aren’t saying something that we will soon regret? This session talks about managing your emotions, coping strategies, positive self-talk, and how these impact your sense of well-being and success at work and in life.

Presenter(s): Ken Wertz, Massachusetts Facilities Administrators’ Association (MFAA)

(18) Current Trends in the Energy Markets and does Solar Energy Make Sense for your District.

Learn about the current trends in the energy markets, utility rate forecasts and how those trends will and can impact on your district’s energy costs. Additionally, with more and more schools considering solar power as a solution to their energy need, learn how to effectively evaluate solar options and costs and discover how the MI Schools Energy Cooperative (MISEC) can partner with districts to ensure a viable project. 

Presenter(s): Jeff Clark, Michigan Schools Energy Cooperative; Peter Spadafore, Michigan Alliance for Student Opportunity

(19) Winter and Severe Weather Loss Prevention

When winter or severe weather arrives, damage can be catastrophic. Preparation before and inspections after weather events is key to preventing and identifying loss. Learn about the key practices to prevent loss and what to do if severe weather wreaks havoc on your facilities and grounds.

Presenter(s): Michael Grosso, SET SEG 

3:50 – 4:10 pm


Sponsored by: Enerco Corporation, Enviro-Clean Services, Inc., and The D.M. Burr Group

4:10 – 5:30 pm

(20) What To Do When The Doers Are Gone

Increasing demands and staffing shortages are a miserable and frequent combination. Unfortunately, the work still needs to get done. Creating an organizational structure that can do the work is one of the most important responsibilities for facilities leaders. Discover how you can create a culture of shared responsibility and accountability that lets you survive and thrive in a severely resource constrained organization.

Presenter(s): Tim Ammon, Zonar 

(21) School Infrastructure Study – Finally

Funds have been identified to provide an infrastructure study designed to assess every school building in Michigan. This has been discussed for many years, but it is finally happening. Discover what to expect from the process and how best to prepare for maximum benefit. Hear, as well, preliminary discoveries and how things are trending.

Presenter(s): Jeff Atkins, Barton Malow; Steven Ezikian, School Finance Research Foundation; Kristin Mixon, Plante Moran Realpoint

(22) Green for Green: Funding your School Building IAQ and Energy Efficiency Improvements 

Many Michigan schools implemented building upgrades with allocated ESSER funds. But as that funding is nearing its end and improvement opportunities remain, some schools are looking for additional funding sources to complete IAQ and energy efficiency projects. Two funding sources are the U.S. DOE Healthy and Efficient Schools Grant Program and the MI Healthy Schools Grant Program, both of which require facility assessments to identify and quantify improvement opportunities. Learn the basic requirements for IAQ and energy audits, local resources for technical assistance, and application criteria for the U.S. DOE and Michigan-based grant programs.

Presenter(s): Robert Jackson, Lawrence Technological University; Anne Jennings, Armstrong Ceilings; Sonya Pouncy, Southeast ASHRAE

(23) Bureau of Construction Codes (BCC) Updates

Hear the latest from the Director of the Michigan Bureau of Construction Codes, as he discusses current Bureau operations, key staff to know, plan review and inspection timeframes, code changes, and impact on upcoming codes, and other areas of interest.

Presenter(s): Keith Lambert, Michigan Bureau of Construction Codes 

(24) The History, Evolution, and Future of Cleaning

We’ve come a long way since the ancient Babylonian’s created soap. Take a walk through the history, evolution, and the future of cleaning. Explore science, the chemistry, and the equipment advances over time– and peer into the crystal ball and see what’s to come! Artificial Intelligence? We know the robots have arrived. Have some fun reminiscing and offering our predictions for the future of cleaning.

Presenter(s): Glen Huizenga, Nichols 

5:30 – 6:30 pm

Reception on the Mountain Top

6:30 – 7:30 pm

Buffet Dinner

Sponsored by: ASSA ABLOY – Door Security Solutions North Shores, Lansing Sanitary Supply, Inc., and Total Fire and Security, LLC 


Tuesday • October 3, 2023

7:30 – 8:20 am

Full Breakfast

Sponsored by: Aquatic Source, LLC and SET SEG

8:30 – 11:30 am

(25) Principles of Budgeting

Learn principles of school budgeting and explain methods of establishing and maintaining a facilities or an operations budget. Understand major budget pressures that schools face, the role of collective bargaining in the budget, and how the public can affect the local school budget.

Presenter(s): Steven Lenar, Holly Area Schools 

(26) Utilities and Energy Efficiency

This overview of the gas and electric utilities will include services provided and deregulation; discussion of energy conservation options; and a method of financing.

Presenter(s): Andrew Hascher and Jarret Kelley, Ameresco 

8:30 – 9:50 am

(27) Long Live the Pumps (In Your Buildings)

Our building systems rely on many various pumps to perform properly. Learn how to service your pumps to prolong their life and operate efficiently. Understand the importance of pump selection: pump types, total lifecycle costs to reduce operating expenses, and maintenance requirements.

Presenter(s): Mark Fine, R.L. Deppmann Company 

(28) Bring Custodial Services Back InHouse? 

Many districts privatized their custodial services in the last decade. Some districts have recently begun to bring these services back in-house. Learn how some school districts have approached this transition and how it’s working out.

Presenter(s): Russell Bray and Stafford Trapp, Cedar Springs Public Schools and Kelly Shrauger, Kingscott Associates, Inc.

(29) Leverage Your Building Management Data

 Hear how one district has implemented a smart building platform to better control building management systems (BMS) throughout the district. Learn how the platform is compatible with any BMS and also provides valuable commissioning data that can allow for much more efficient operations.

Presenter(s): Doug Gallup, Byron Center Public Schools; John Jeffries, FISECx; Nicholas Theoret, KODE Labs

(30) Building Systems 101: What they are, how they work, and how to make them last longer

Dive into the world of building systems with a team of expert engineers. Gain a better understanding through an in-depth exploration of various building components, including unit ventilators, rooftop units, heat pumps, dedicated outside air systems (DOAS) units, and lighting systems. Discover the inner workings of each component, their purpose, and how they operate. Learn valuable tips and best practices for maintaining these systems, ensuring their optimal performance and longevity.

Presenter(s): Michael Callahan and Steven Gunther, Strategic Energy Solutions, Inc. 

(31) Construction Trends Regarding School Security

Security remains a high priority in our schools, understanding how best to deploy security measures in your buildings will better prepare you for making informed decisions. Discover various security construction approaches for school buildings. Learn more on security film and rated glass, vestibule design, key systems, access control, and more construction approaches for school buildings. 

Presenter(s): Jeff Blackford and Ryan Long, The Eisen Group; Gordon Holmes, Hager Companies 

9:50 – 10:10 am


Sponsored by: Enerco Corporation, Enviro-Clean Services, Inc., and The D.M. Burr Group

10:10 – 11:30 am

(32) Motivation, Inspiration and Manipulation: Getting ourselves and others to get stuff done

Team building requires people who are engaged, recognized, motivated, and inspired – people who can challenge, transform, and be accountable. Explore the complex role of group interaction and individual behavior to guide and optimize strong leadership skills and a strategic mindset. Learn to think creatively and critically so that you can motivate and inspire yourself and those around you.

Presenter(s): Judson Laipply, CSP  

(33) School Security Through Technology

Learn the tools available to provide better campus security through the use of technology. Discover what’s available and how the various tools increase safety in schools, along with implementation strategies to consider.

Presenter(s): Bruce Canal, Genetec; Mitch Kimball, MOSS

(34) MPSERS and Other Retirement Complexities

Understand changes to healthcare coverage, income in retirement, and how changes impact active school district employees. Learn the importance of pre-planning your own financial future, as well as learning how to share this information with staff.

Presenter(s): Aliceson Milanowski, Williams & Company Financial Services 

(35) Let’s Discuss – Less Than 5,000 Students

Join a facilitated discussion on best practices in school facilities management. Hear from colleagues from similarly sized districts on their challenges and successes, and share yours, if you would like. Talking with peers is beneficial to help think through issues. Rarely is an issue unique, and even if it is, discussing it with others in the business can often lead to solutions.

Presenter(s): Don Ball, South Lake Schools

(36) Let’s Discuss – More Than 5,000 Students

Join a facilitated discussion on best practices in school facilities management. Hear from colleagues from similarly sized districts on their challenges and successes, and share yours, if you would like. Talking with peers is beneficial to help think through issues. Rarely is an issue unique, and even if it is, discussing it with others in the business can often lead to solutions.

Presenter(s): Matthew Hess, Caledonia Community Schools 

11:30 am – 12:15 pm


Sponsored by: Forefront Campus Services and Peter Basso Associates, Inc.

12:15 pm – 1:00 pm

Closing Session: Judson Laipply, M.Ed, CSP

Judson Laipply, M.Ed, CSP is an enigma wrapped in an anomaly contained inside a quandary. Combining comedy and content, laughter and learning, energy and engagement Judson gives his audiences both immediate joy and lasting impact. He helps audiences understand the difference between change and evolution while teaching them to embrace struggle, engage choice, and ultimately evolve. 


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MSBO certificationMichigan School Business Officials (MSBO) offers a voluntary certification program.

The overall purpose of MSBO’s Facilities and Operations Directors Certifications is to provide:

        • Information and training for Facilities and Operations Directors that is specific to Michigan law and regulation.
        • To provide a basis for advancing professionalism of Facilities and Operations Directors in Michigan public school districts.

For initial certification, three-hour sessions are required for the MSBO Voluntary Certification Program for Facilities and Operations Directors. All clinic sessions can be used toward maintaining and renewing Facilities and Operations Directors Certifications.

For more information regarding the program, please check the Certification section of the MSBO website or e-mail dkopkau@msbo.org or cbyam@msbo.org.

.25-12.25 SCECHs may be granted to each participant who qualifies. Under MDE regulations, SCECHs are given based on your attendance at conference sessions and the exhibit show. SCECHs are given pending final approval from MDE.

ADVISORY: It is a criminal offense to use or attempt to use a State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs) transcript or certificate of completion that is fraudulently obtained, altered, or forged to obtain and/or maintain school administrator, teacher, and/or school psychologist certification or other State Board approval.

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