Child Nutrition Director (CND)

Established in 1998, the MSBO Voluntary Certification Program supports the ongoing professional development of school business officials. The program is a mark of distinction that reflects professional achievement and demonstrates a person’s dedication to his/her profession.

MSBO’s Certification Program Benefits:

  • Provides access to information needed to succeed in your job.
  • Offers practical overviews of key areas of law, regulations and practices.
  • Identifies resources for information that may be utilized at a later time.
  • Assures a quality curriculum is developed and monitored by the MSBO Professional Development Committee.
  • Uses experienced practitioners to teach classes.
  • Offers seminars at regular intervals and reasonable prices.
  • Uses adult learning principles and provides a learning environment where colleagues can share experiences and information.
  • Coordinates with the SNA Level I and Level II certification requirements


Contact Courtney Byam at 517.327.5937;
or Debbie Kopkau at 517.327.2587.

Child Nutrition Director (CND) Course Descriptions

To obtain the Child Nutrition Director (CND) certification, you must complete 61-63 hours within a three-year time period. The courses which must be taken to meet the requirements are listed on this page. By completing the outline of courses, participants will also be able to achieve SNA Level I certificate and be well on their way to SNA Level II certification. 

Select one of the Food Safety courses from the following list:

Sanitation and Food Safety (10 hours) (Offered by SNAM: #130): Understand Michigan Food Law 2007, foodborne illnesses, requirements for providing safe and sanitary equipment, pest prevention, and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points.

ServSafe® (12 hours) (Offered by SNAM: #132): ServSafe® is a food safety certification program sponsored by the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation. It meets local, state, and national certification requirements.

Total: 10 or 12 hours

Select one of the Meal Basics courses from the following list:

Core Competencies Training for New Directors (20 hours) (Offered by MDE): Overview of school nutrition programs, including regulations and requirements needed to operate the programs. A year-long virtual class that meets monthly.

School Meals Overview Workshop (10 hours) (Offered by MDE): Two-day-class that focuses on completing the meal component certification tool. Additional topics include Meal Patterns, Production Records, Product labels, Meal Counting/Claiming, Offer Vs Serve, Student Eligibility, Professional Standards requirements, and other school nutrition topics. This class must be completed along with one of the options below:

A.SNAM 100 School Nutrition Basics (10 hours)

B.Tuesday at 2 pm with MDE (10, 1hour sessions) on various topics scheduled virtually throughout the school year

Total: 20 hours

To locate and register for courses visit:

Continuing education hours are 90 hours within a five- fiscal-year period.

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