85th MSBO Annual

Conference & Exhibit Show

Schedule: Thursday, April 25

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7:00 am

32nd Annual SET SEG Fun Run/Walk

Get up and get going early at the SET SEG Fun Run/Walk during the MSBO Annual Conference & Exhibit Show! Join SET SEG and MSBO for a 5K Run/Walk around downtown Grand Rapids. Participants who register early will receive a commemorative t-shirt and prizes will be awarded for the fastest times! *Participants must register by Friday, March 29 to be guaranteed a t-shirt. Register at https://setseg.org/funrun/

Meet in the lobby by Ruth’s Chris Steak House in the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel by 6:50 am.


7:00 – 9:00 am

Center Concourse, Amway


7:00 am – 3:30 pm

Center Concourse, Amway

Thursday Morning

D01 — Computerized Facility Management

Grand Gallery Overlook CD, DeVos

Learn about the different options for computerization of the facility management functions, including work order systems, utility tracking, preventative maintenance, space usage, and inventory. Required: Facilities Director – Elective: all other tracks.

Presenter(s): Pat Buchanan and Herb Crawford, OperationsHERO


D02 — Security and Disaster Recovery

Vandenberg B, Amway

Learn security best practices at the network, server and workstation levels. The security practices covered can be applied to multiple types of network architectures including Windows, Linux and others. Understand best practices on creating and implementing a disaster recovery plan. Required: Chief Technology Officer – Elective: all other tracks.

Presenter(s): Christopher G. Nelson, Lenawee/Monroe Technology Consortium

E03 — Building Safer Schools Around Culture, Mental Health and Security: Best Practices and Future Trends

River Overlook AB, DeVos

It’s important that both students and staff experience a sense of security within the environments where they expand their growth and knowledge. With proper planning, training, and procedures, districts can create safe, secure, and healthy educational spaces that support students’ mental health. Recognizing that each district and each building within that district may have unique threats, security assessments are the first step in determining what the biggest risks are in order to save valuable time, resources, and money.

Presenter(s): Scott Beckman, Rockford Public Schools; Ronald A. Boezwinkle, GMB Architecture + Engineering; Timothy A. Raymer, Raymer Consulting; and Jason Russell, Secure Environment Consultants


E04 — The Bond Passed: Now What About Construction Contracts?

Vandenberg A, Amway

Many school districts are embarking on building improvement projects costing millions of dollars. While you’re paying a great deal of attention to building design and site planning, don’t forget the key preliminary step of negotiating construction contracts. Learn how to take every measure necessary to protect your district’s financial interest in the building project before the first shovelful of dirt is moved.

Presenter(s): Mackenzie D. Flynn and Piotr M. Matusiak, Thrun Law Firm, P.C.


E05 — Don’t Say the “B” Word: Data Events, Incidents and Breaches

Winchester, Amway

Understand what schools should know about data privacy and security technical and administrative safeguards as schools increasingly onboard education technology (EdTech) solutions and risks continue to grow. Understand privacy by design principles, technical controls, and policy that can be used to shrink your risk profile while deploying the EdTech and other education solutions.

Presenter(s): Ilya Smith, Clark Hill PLC


E06 — Grant Processing A-Z

River Overlook CD, DeVos

Learn best practices in accounting for grants. Fund requests, budgeting, reporting and electronic submissions will all be discussed.

Presenter(s): Rene Cope and Christopher D. Lamer, Ottawa Area ISD and Jeffrey Staley, Maner Costerisan


E07 — Get to Know the L-4029 and Other Property Tax Issues

Pearl, Amway

Understand your district’s L-4029 and how to navigate multiple ballot incentives including setting and renewing millages. Understand Headlee Rollback implications on voted millage and other millage-related matters.

Presenter(s): Michael D. Gresens, Thrun Law Firm, P.C. and Sarah Moore and Robert J. Naughton, PFM Financial Advisors LLC


E08 — ESSER Monitoring: Lessons to Apply Before American Rescue Plan (ARP) ESSER III Grants Expire

Ambassador West, Amway

The final Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) programs are set to expire later this year, but the monitoring process continues. Get updates on the monitoring efforts, an understanding of the issues being discovered, and how to prepare for the ongoing monitoring efforts. There will also be the opportunity to ask questions.

Presenter(s): Nathan Baldermann, Rehmann and Kevin Walters, MDE


E09 — Prevent Fraud: Districts Who Learned the Hard Way

Atrium, Amway

Take a deep dive into business office internal control best practices and learn how your district can implement internal controls to prevent fraud, using real-life examples.

Presenter(s): Bethany Verble, Maner Costerisan


E10 — Permissible Expenditures: Strategies to Comply and Flow Chart Practice Guide

River Overlook EF, DeVos

Learn legal restrictions on expenditures from a school district’s funds focusing on the general fund.

Presenter(s): James M. Crowley, Miller Canfield


E11 — Emerging Property Casualty Trends in the Year Ahead: Cyber, Sexual Abuse and Misconduct (SAM) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Grand View B, Amway

From geo-political turbulence and climate related events to the continuing concerns of cyber/ransomware threats and changes in the interpretation of sexual abuse and misconduct. We will look at the current state of the property casualty market and what is on the horizon for schools for the remainder of 2024 and beyond.

Presenter(s): Travis Van Tighem, Risk Program Administrators and John Zielinski, Gallagher


E12 — Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Equitable Services and Proportionate Share: What are the Requirements?

Heritage Hill, Amway

Get an overview of the IDEA Part B requirements related to the provision of equitable services to parentally placed private school children with disabilities. Understand the process of and charging allowable expenditures to the ISD proportionate share requirement on the IDEA Flowthrough (Section 611) and Preschool (Section 619) federal grants. Understand the proportionate share recoding process for ISDs that do not anticipate fully spending their proportionate share set aside amount.

Presenter(s): John Andrejack, Nicole Marie Licht, and Sean McLaughlin, MDE


E13 — AI for Finance

Monroe BD, DeVos

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most exciting technological advancements of our time. Get an in-depth overview of these technologies, including their potential applications in the modern workplace. Successful use of these technologies requires thoughtful planning, a clear definition of success, and an understanding of the risks and complexities. Learn how AI is transforming education, and how districts can leverage this technology to improve their operations, increase efficiency, and create an exceptional learning environment.

Presenter(s): Kyle Macyda, Plante Moran


E14 — School Aid Budget Status

Grand Gallery Overlook GH, DeVos

Understand the details concerning the School Aid Fund and General Fund budget priorities. Learn about the major differences between the Governor’s budget and those of the House and Senate. Get the information you need to prepare your district for the home stretch on budget preparation for FY 2024-25.

Presenter(s): Philip Boone, MDE


E15 — Understand the Implications of School District Audit and Financial Statements

Nelson, Amway

Understand the audit process as well as the requirements placed on the business office. Learn how to best prepare for your audit and key items to review in your financial statements.

Presenter(s): Thomas Marchese and Miranda Presley, Plante Moran


E16 — Budget Process for the New Business Manager

Grand Gallery Overlook EF, DeVos

Learn from three new business officials how they approach and carry out the budget process, and learn some communication and presentation tips along the way.

Presenter(s): Kari Bennett, Berrien Springs Public Schools; Kayla Garza, Grandville Public Schools; and Sonia Hodge, Lowell Area Schools


E17 — FID 101 Relating to Food Service

Imperial, Amway

Get ready for the 2023-2024 Financial Information Database (FID) submission! Learn how to complete a food cost and labor cost analysis and allocate funds so that your FID report has fidelity!

Presenter(s): Mary Darnton, Jenison & Hudsonville Public Schools


E18 — Recent Developments in Labor and Employment Law

Governor’s, Amway

The laws, regulations, court decisions and other published guidance impacting the area of labor and employment are expansive and constantly changing. Get an in-depth update surrounding this constantly evolving and complex area of law.

Presenter(s): Daniel R. Martin, Thrun Law Firm, P.C.


E19 — Michigan Public School Employees’ Retirement System (MPSERS) and Other Retirement Complexities

Ambassador East, Amway

Understand healthcare coverage, retirement income, and how changes impact active school employees.

Presenter(s): Aliceson Milanowski, Williams & Company Financial Services


E20 — Legislative Update

Haldane, Amway

What happens in Lansing affects your district. One of the top education lobbyists will provide an overview of legislative issues the education community may see this year.

Presenter(s): Dan Behm, Education Advocates of West Michigan


E21 — Nuts and Bolts of Benefits

Grand View A, Amway

Employee benefits can be complicated and confusing. Learn the nuts and bolts of benefits and get your questions answered.

Presenter(s): Jessica Garcia, Kyle Koch, and Jeffrey C. Mills, SET SEG


E22 — Collective Bargaining: Innovations and Advanced Strategies

President Ford, Amway

Learn more advanced negotiation collective bargaining strategies. Bargaining delays, tensions, public pressure, and other “roadblocks” are common in the collective bargaining process. Understand proven strategies for reaching a resolution when negotiations become difficult.

Presenter(s): Raymond M. Davis, Thrun Law Firm, P.C.


E23 — Quarter/Year-End Reconciliation and Processing

Grand Gallery Overlook AB, DeVos

Understand the 941’s, W-2’s, tax deposit requirements, business expense accounting, retirement incentives, and other related paperwork related to payroll.

Presenter(s): Cheyanne Weber, Dexter Community Schools


E24 — Top 10 Reasons Why Your District Could Lose FTE/Foundation Allowance Revenue

Emerald B, Amway

Full-time equivalents (FTE) are a school district’s primary revenue source and counting students is essential to foundation allowance revenues. Learn the top 10 reasons why your district is losing FTE and foundation allowance revenue. Get strategies to help you maximize your revenue from FTE and minimize your mistakes.

Presenter(s): Joselito Quintero and Gloria Jean Suggitt, MDE and Leslie Shamel, Lapeer County ISD


E25 — How to Process and Evaluate Bids

Thornapple, Amway

Learn how sealed bids should be written and processed in order to minimize mistakes or bidder protests. Learn to write bid specifications, bid do’s and don’ts of writing bid specifications. Understand the definition of a responsive and responsible bidder.

Presenter(s): Dana L. Abrahams, Clark Hill PLC


E26 — AI Legal Issues and Implications for Schools

Emerald A, Amway

Schools are exploring the educational use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, as well as ways to leverage AI to enhance their operations, decision-making processes, efficiency, and effectiveness. Districts must keep in mind several legal issues when using AI technology that could affect data privacy, intellectual property, and tort liability (among others) when it comes to school community stakeholders. Explore the potential legal pitfalls and traps that schools should be thinking about in this fast-emerging and under-regulated new frontier.

Presenter(s): Adam M. Blaylock and Kevin T. Sutton, Miller Johnson


E27 — Understanding the Power of the Michigan Data Hub

Berkey, Amway

Learn about how the Michigan Data Hub co-exists with statewide initiatives to create a system of interoperability using standardized integrations between partnering vendors, educational systems, and other state organizations (CEPI, MiCH, MAISA, MDE and others). Understand how the Michigan Data Hub interconnects educational data systems for students, staff, administrators, and parents.

Presenter(s): Kevin Bullard and Melissa Tront, Kalamazoo RESA – MiDataHub


E28 — Transportation Legal Update

Kendall, Amway

Pupil transportation is more than transporting children. School districts have to address a multitude of issues that could include delivering students to different houses based on which parent is caring for that child, homeless student obligations, and Schools of Choice busing. There are also privacy issues to consider with cameras installed on buses. Learn what the laws really require.

Presenter(s): Jeremy S. Motz, Clark Hill PLC

9:20 – 9:40 am


F03 — Electric Vehicle Infrastructure in the District

Thornapple, Amway

As electric vehicles (EV) become more common, districts will need to learn how to address EV charging for the public, faculty, or fleet use. Gain a better understanding of EV trends and terminology, along with the benefits and drawbacks. Learn how this may affect other systems – such as electric utilities.

Presenter(s): William Chatfield, Walled Lake Consolidated Schools and William J. Holcomb, Jr., Pontiac School District


F04 — Synthetic Turf: The Right Path?

Emerald A, Amway

Learn the specifics on installing and maintaining synthetic turf fields. Discover the best applications and the most effective management plans to ensure the fields last their expected life and remain safe for all users.

Presenter(s): Jason Czanstke and Garett Redmer, Turfix


F05 — MDE Accounting, Financial Reporting, and FID Updates

Ambassador East, Amway

Learn about the latest MDE accounting updates, Financial Information Database (FID) changes, and state level reporting results.

Presenter(s): Christopher May, Joselito Quintero, and Gloria Jean Suggitt, MDE


F06 — How to Accurately Prepare Your SEFA

River Overlook AB, DeVos

Understand the key requirements for preparing a Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards (SEFA) and preparing for your audit.

Presenter(s): Kasey Eason and Kristin Stofflet, Plante Moran


F07 — Benefits of Insurance Pools and Consortiums

Winchester, Amway

Understand the benefits to purchasing insurance through a pool or consortium on both the benefits and property and casualty side. Learn how your district can benefit from participating in one of these programs.

Presenter(s): Chadd Hodkinson, Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc. and Brian Pierce, Gallagher


F08 — Accumulated Leave Payouts: Lower Your Tax Liability for the District and Employees

Haldane, Amway

Upon their retirement, school district employees often receive significant payouts of accumulated vacation time, sick leave, and other retirement incentives. Large cash payments incur significant tax liabilities for both schools and the individual. Understand the issues and risks with cash payouts and learn how you can strategically maximize these payouts to help provide a financially and medically secure retirement for your employees while providing savings for the district.

Presenter(s): Matthew Allen Hurley, U.S. BENCOR/MidAmerica; David Martell, US Retirement & Benefits Partners; and Eric Miller, US Omni & TSACG Compliance Services


F09 — Lessons Learned: Community Engagement During a Successful Bond Campaign

Heritage Hill, Amway

Learn from an expert panel discussion addressing aligning district and community needs during a successful bond campaign.

Presenter(s): Jeffrey Hoag, GMB Architecture + Engineering; Ian F. Koffler, Thrun Law Firm, P.C.; Jeffrey Malloch, West Ottawa Public Schools; Matt Miller and Bethany Stover, Triangle Associates, Inc.; and Nate Watson, PFM Financial Advisors, LLC


F10 — How to Prepare for a Headache Free Audit

Grand Gallery Overlook EF, DeVos

Pick up a few tips and tricks to help you prepare for a year-end audit. Understand audit terminology and gain an awareness of audit scope and limitations.

Presenter(s): Michael Evrard, Yeo & Yeo CPAs & Advisors


F11 — CTE Reporting and Spending

Imperial, Amway

Learn how to budget for Career and Technical Education (CTE) in relationship to the Section 61a.1 vocational education funding. Learn the allowable expenses and how to reconcile your CTE expenses and how all CTE funding sources such as Perkins and other categorical weave together.

Presenter(s): Douglas Bush, Gratiot-Isabella RESD and Mikki Spagnoli, Heritage Southwest ISD


F12 — Creating an Ethical Environment

President Ford, Amway

Learn about the importance of an ethical environment and learn how to implement ethical practices and training, both in the business office and in the district as a whole. Bring your best practices and ethical dilemmas to discuss!

Presenter(s): Bethany Verble, Maner Costerisan


F13 — IT for the New Business Manager

Grand View B, Amway

Gain an understanding of your IT department’s security initiatives and terminology to help inform budget priorities, mitigate risk exposure, and support implementation.

Presenter(s): Matthew McMahon, MAISA and Nicholas Morse, Kent ISD


F14 — “Open Mic” for New Business Managers

Berkey, Amway

Learn from a panel of new business officials and bring your questions and current issues for discussion. Bring your “burning” issues and we’ll provide the forum for a rich exchange of ideas and solutions! Participants will be asked to provide a specific issue to help guide the discussion.

Presenter(s): Allison Clements, Rockford Public Schools; Kendra Messing, Croswell-Lexington Schools; and Alexis Regnier, Holt Public Schools


F15 — Michigan School Meals Update

Grand Gallery Overlook GH, DeVos

Hear the latest on Michigan School Meals and how it is transforming school food and nutrition. All children can now eat at school without cost, contributing to healthier students that are more ready to learn. There are other considerations, however, that you need to be informed about. Hear how this program is working out.

Presenter(s): Richard Aguirre, Emily Mattern, and JL Purves, MDE


F16 — Title IX in K-12 Update

Emerald B, Amway

Get a review of amended Title IX regulations addressing investigation of sexual misconduct and athletics and gender identity.

Presenter(s): Ashley Higginson, Miller Canfield


F17 — FOIA/OMA Update

Grand View A, Amway

Hear a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Open Meeting Act (OMA) update and record retention pitfalls in today’s electronic age.

Presenter(s): Ronald C. Liscombe, Miller Canfield


F18 — Succession Planning: Culture or Adventure?

Vandenberg A, Amway

As a result of the worldwide pandemic, we may have learned that education was not ready for a mass exodus of top leadership. We learned that the loss of top talent is hard to replace, and we are seldom prepared. Succession planning should not be an adventure, it should be weaved into the fabric of our culture. The session will focus on both the how of prepared succession planning and also the why of creating a succession culture.

Presenter(s): David J. Hulings, Hulings and Associates, L.L.C. and Tom Zahrt, Kalamazoo RESA


F19 — Using AI to Enhance Your Use of Data

Ambassador West, Amway

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT and Google Bard can improve your ability to work with complex data. Learn how you can use generative AI to write formulas for Google Sheets that will help you sharpen your spreadsheet skills. With AI as your translator, you can uncover patterns and trends in your data that are invisible to the naked eye.

Presenter(s): John R. Sowash, Sowash Ventures, LLC


F20 — “Open Mic” for Human Resources

Atrium, Amway

Participants from around the state and at all levels of experience will address the issues you face. Are there easier ways to do things? Bring your issues and we’ll provide the forum for a rich exchange of ideas and solutions! Participants will be asked to provide a specific issue.

Presenter(s): Scott N. Sawyer and Andrea Wise, Saginaw ISD


F21 — What’s Next for Employee Benefits in a Changing Political Landscape?

River Overlook CD, DeVos

Over the past year Lansing has been busy changing a number of laws. With the potential of PA 152 changes on the horizon, learn more about what’s being considered, how it impacts your districts, and ways to stay engaged in the discussion.

Presenter(s): Christopher Glass, Gallagher


F22 — Strategies to Engage/Retain Staff Through Benefits and Funded HRA Plans

Nelson, Amway

Learn strategies and opportunities for schools to hire, engage and retain staff through benefit designs. One specific way is a funded Health Reimbursement Account (HRA), which can allow school employees access to tax free dollars that can be used to pay medical expenses and premiums upon separation from a district. Understand how you can set your district apart while addressing the needs of your staff.

Presenter(s): Scott Fritz, National Insurance Services


F23 — “Open Mic” for Payroll Processors

Monroe BD, DeVos

Are you new to the payroll process or a veteran that has experiences you would like to share? Participants from around the state and at all levels of experience will address the issues you face. Are there easier ways to do things? Trouble with reporting to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or Michigan Office of Retirement Services (ORS)? Bring your issues and we’ll provide the forum for a rich exchange of ideas and solutions! Participants will be asked to provide a specific issue (burning need) by writing it on a card to help guide the discussion.

Presenter(s): Elizabeth Eastway, Wexford-Missaukee ISD and Lisa M. Krosnicki, Charlevoix-Emmet ISD


F24 — Proper Pupil Accounting for Special Education Students

Pearl, Amway

Special education students require additional documentation to count them for pupil accounting purposes. Learn techniques to establish a well-documented process to ensure all full-time equivalents (FTEs) are accounted for properly.

Presenter(s): Carrie Haubenstricker, Genesee ISD


F25 — Writing a Proper RFP and the Rules that Follow

Governor’s, Amway

Understand the Request for Proposal (RFP) process from start to finish. Learn how to solicit bids from small to large projects and services, where to find examples, and how to evaluate proposals post bid.

Presenter(s): Dana L. Abrahams and Jeremy S. Motz, Clark Hill PLC


F26 — IT for New Technology Directors: The Role of the Modern Day Technology Director

Kendall, Amway

Are you new to your position or feel you are missing some basic knowledge of IT? Learn from an expert panel of technology directors who will share their success and pitfalls of their position.

Presenter(s): Kevin M. Hustek, Warren Woods Public Schools; Fred Sharpsteen, Mecosta-Osceola ISD; Chris Stanley, Grosse Pointe Public School System; Andrew Steinman, Plymouth-Canton Community Schools


F27 — AI is Here, Now What?

Grand Gallery Overlook AB, DeVos

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has arrived and is readily available. While there has been coverage around doom and gloom, AI presents an opportunity to streamline our workload and improve job performance. Join us for a conversation about how AI arrived, what it means and how we can use AI to improve our work performance.

Presenter(s): William R. Jones, Northville Public Schools and Aaron Romoslawski, Forest Hills Public Schools


F28 — Transportation Funding for General Education Students

River Overlook EF, DeVos

Learn the latest on the 22I funding for transportation. Hear how to ensure that the proper data is submitted to ensure maximum funding.

Presenter(s): Chris Frank, Macomb ISD

10:40 – 11:00 am



11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Exhibit Show and Lunch
Exhibit Halls BC, DeVos

Thursday Afternoon

1:00 – 1:15 pm


G01 — Cybersecurity: The Quick and Dirty

Grand Gallery Overlook AB, DeVos

The rapid change in technology has raised many questions for school district technology leaders such as the impacts of Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) in the cloud-computing age, the protection of intellectual property on the Internet, Acceptable Use Policies (AUP), data breaches, and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) webpage compliance. Learn what school districts should be doing to alleviate legal ramifications.

Presenter(s): Ryan J. Nicholson, Thrun Law Firm, P.C.


G02 — Google Workspace for Professionals

Pantlind, Amway

Explore how Google Workspace for Education can be used as a platform to get stuff done! Together we will explore three essential tools for working efficiently: Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive. Learn tips and secret strategies to help you accomplish more with these essential tools.

Presenter(s): John R. Sowash, Sowash Ventures, LLC


G03 — Health Insurance Program Strategies for Michigan K-12 Schools

Grand Gallery Overlook EF, DeVos

Learn about the latest trends and insights impacting Michigan K-12 health insurance programs. Understand key cost drivers, effective strategies, cost containment, and approaches for maintaining or even enhancing benefits. Specific case studies from a fellow business official will be included.

Presenter(s): Chadd Hodkinson, Gallagher Benefits Services, Inc. and Scott N. Sawyer, Saginaw ISD


G04 — Your Comprehensive Guide to Driving Employee Engagement

Grand Gallery Overlook CD, DeVos

The state of the workforce is a major topic of conversation – from talent shortages to the rise of quite quitters, there has never been a more challenging time to attract, engage and retain a productive workforce. With 75% of turnover being preventable, employers who focus on creating an engaging work environment focused on employee essential needs have the greatest opportunity retain and attract talent. Learn what great organizations do to create an engaged workforce and walk away with best practices that can immediately begin to protect your most valuable asset – your people.

Presenter(s): Kerreen Conley, Rehmann

H04 — 21st Century School Auditoriums and Theatres

Emerald B, Amway

Discover a glimpse at theatrical lighting, sound, and scenery in the digital age. Learn processes for determining appropriate equipment and maintenance for your school’s performance spaces.

Presenter(s): Russell Blain, Fantasee Integration; Tim Hamilton, Hamilton A/V Design; and Art Rautenberg, KLA Laboratories, Inc.


H05 — Funding Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Vandenberg B, Amway

Many districts are considering steps to reducing energy costs, while improving indoor environments — but best methods to fund these efforts vary. Discover different approaches for funding projects — including grants, rebates and low-interest loans. Explore potential outcomes of these projects, including reducing environmental impacts, increasing comfort for security and staff, and freeing up funds that can be reallocated for your district’s needs.

Presenter(s): Jeff Clark, Consultant and Andrew Hascher, Ameresco


H06 — Michigan School District Ratings and S&P’s Proposed Criteria Change: What You Need to Know

Thornapple, Amway

Hear about Standard & Poor’s (S&P) proposed criteria framework, focusing on its application for Michigan school districts, including examples of how school districts will be assessed under a scored framework.

Presenter(s): Diana Cooke, S&P Global Ratings


H07 — Implementing and Growing a Purchasing Card Program

Vandenberg A, Amway

Learn how your district will benefit from the MSBO Purchasing Card Program. Effective implementation and use can save your district resources in staff time and cash flow.

Presenter(s): Beth Smith, PFM Financial Services LLC


H08 — Bonded Construction Fund and Sinking Fund Audits

River Overlook AB, DeVos

Understand the changes to the new sinking fund/bonded construction fund requirements and get an auditor’s perspective on the process of ensuring compliance.

Presenter(s): Marc R. Sawyers, Hungerford CPAs + Advisors


H09 — 2024 MSBO/Hiring Solutions LLC Annual Salary Survey

Pearl, Amway

Review the latest salary data for top administrative positions in your school. With the impact of COVID and significantly higher wage inflation in the past years, it’s more critical than ever to keep your salary ranges current to recruit and retain staff members.

Presenter(s): Mark Dobias and Devon Klomp-Mao, Hiring Solutions LLC


H10 — School Election Do’s and Don’ts Under the Michigan Campaign Finance Act

Heritage Hill, Amway

Learn recent developments under the Michigan Campaign Finance Act.

Presenter(s): James M. Crowley, Miller Canfield


H11 — Special Education Updates

Governor’s, Amway

Get targeted technical assistance for ISD/member district business officials regarding special education finance topics. Updates will be related to allowable costs and other requirements.

Presenter(s): John Andrejack, Nicole Marie Licht, and Sean McLaughlin, MDE


H12 — Unemployment Claims 101

River Overlook EF, DeVos

Districts need to know the ins and outs of how to combat unemployment claims that shouldn’t be paid, including everything from giving “reasonable assurance of employment,” and fighting fraudulent claims (i.e. identity theft). Learn when an employee shouldn’t qualify for unemployment (terminated for cause) and when an employee is entitled to unemployment.

Presenter(s): Ryan J. Murray, Thrun Law Firm, P.C.


H13 — Food Service Fiscal Hot Topics

Atrium, Amway

Join MDE’s fiscal staff to discuss the latest and greatest topics impacting food service financial operations. Bring your fiscal questions!

Presenter(s): Tanea Curtis-Brooks and Stacey L. Lamper-McFall, MDE


H14 — Competitive Bidding 101

River Overlook CD, DeVos

Learn competitive bidding requirements for school districts.

Presenter(s): Ronald C. Liscombe, Miller Canfield


H15 — Travel the MAY Way

Imperial, Amway

Learn how to get the most out of your travel and learn the ways of free travel, upgrades and other perks!

Presenter(s): Christopher May, MDE


H16 — MSBO Leadership Institute

Grand View A, Amway

The MSBO Leadership Institute is a unique program that offers one-on-one professional coaching, large and small group interaction, and individual project development. Discover from Institute alumni on how the program has helped them better fulfill their leadership roles — both personally and professionally.

Presenter(s): Kevin M. Hustek, Warren Woods Public Schools; Noah Kent, Meridian Public Schools; and Scott Little, MSBO


H17 — A Leadership Journey

Grand Gallery Overlook GH, DeVos

Hear from MSBO’s top leaders about their different career paths, where they learned the most, and the importance of a strong support network. Get survival tips, valuable resources, and actionable strategies. You will also have the opportunity to get your questions answered.

Presenter(s): Julie Omer, Walled Lake Consolidated Schools; Mary Beth Rogers, Clarkston Community Schools; and Stephanie Weese, Livingston ESA


H18 — Employee Records, Policies, and Handbooks

Ambassador, Amway

Learn about the importance of maintaining personnel records to protect both the employee and employer in the event of personnel file information requests. Employee handbooks and acceptable use policies will be covered, in addition to a focus on harassment prevention policies.

Presenter(s): Todd Surline, Hiring Solutions LLC


H19 — Funding Sustainability: The Inflation Reduction Act Demystified

Kendall, Amway

Understand the intricacies of the Inflation Reduction Act, including timeline, application process, and how to earn credits.

Presenter(s): Steven Gunther, Strategic Energy Solutions, Inc. and Jesse R. Nelson, Baker Tilly Municipal Advisors, LLC


H20 — Leveraging the E-Rate Program for Long-Term Savings

Emerald A, Amway

Most schools are participating in the E-rate program, but are they leveraging E-rate to their full potential? Learn about the Special Construction Matching Fund, the Michigan Statewide Educational Network (MiSEN), and other consortia models that can lower your technology costs through regional partnerships.

Presenter(s): Joseph Polasek, III, MDE


H21 — School Bus Drivers Improve Communication Skills

Haldane, Amway

Everyone can improve their communications skills – even School Bus Drivers! Oakland Schools began professional development training for all transportation staff to become better communicators. Learn how they built a program that helps to not only improve communication, but also to build relationships and better understand different perspectives from others, such as students and staff. Discover how this program can be utilized by any district.

Presenter(s): Thomas G. Korth, Oakland Schools


H22 — Pupil Accounting: A New Perspective

President Ford, Amway

Understand the role of your school district’s pupil accountant and how building a key relationship benefits your district’s bottom line. Learn about the decision making that goes into determining whether a pupil is counted or not counted. Learn why pupil accounting audit loses from the fall and spring count days may actually be good.

Presenter(s): Robert Dickinson, MPAAA

1:45 – 2:00 pm


i04 — Going Up?

Kendall, Amway

Elevators are in many school buildings. Learn what needs to be done to ensure your elevators remain safe and efficient. Discover the areas that need regular attention and what that attention should include. Understand how recent code changes may impact your elevators.

Presenter(s): Joseph Dotson, Joshua Swiatek, and Jared Wood, TK Elevator


i05 — School Infrastructure Study: Updates

River Overlook EF, DeVos

Get an update on the status of the School Infrastructure Study. Learn preliminary findings, how things are trending, and next steps.

Presenter(s): Jeff Atkins, Barton Malow; Steven G. Ezikian, School Finance Research Foundation; and Kristin Mixon, Plante Moran Realpoint


i06 — MISEC Update

Thornapple, Amway

Michigan’s energy landscape is changing fast. New legislation in Lansing and Washington are driving innovation and transforming the market for Michigan schools and their energy needs. For over 25 years, Michigan’s educational community has had an advocate working for them in the procurement and management of their energy needs. The Michigan Schools Energy Cooperative (MISEC) continues to serve that role. Hear how new laws in our state have provided new opportunities for green energy for schools.

Presenter(s): Peter Spadafore, Michigan Alliance for Student Opportunity


i07 — The ABC’s of Your Single Audit

River Overlook CD, DeVos

Get step-by-step instructions on how to prepare your Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards (SEFA) and tips of the single audit.

Presenter(s): Jennifer Watkins, Yeo & Yeo CPAs & Advisors


i08 — MSBO BMA: Mini Session

Emerald A, Amway

Have you considered participating in the MSBO Business Manager Academy (BMA)? Learn about the program and the benefits of participation. Beginning and seasoned school business officials are welcome!

Presenter(s): Mark R. Klumpp, Douglas L. Newcombe, and Timothy A. Raymer, Business Manager Academy (BMA) Facilitators


i09 — Sales Tax Obligations for Michigan Public Schools

Governor’s, Amway

Learn sales tax obligations of schools when purchasing and selling good and applicable exemptions.

Presenter(s): James M. Crowley, Miller Canfield


i10 — Basic Treasury Filing Requirements

Vandenberg B, Amway

Learn how to receive Treasury approval to borrow under the Revised Municipal Finance Act. Understand qualifying statements, prior approval, waivers and post-issuance reporting requirements.

Presenter(s): Ronald C. Liscombe, Miller Canfield and William D. Sanders and Jeffrey Schwartz, Michigan Department of Treasury


i11 — Navigating MiLogin and Other State of Michigan Systems

President Ford, Amway

Learn how to utilize apps within MiLogin. MiLogin connects you to Michigan’s services through one single user ID.

Presenter(s): Monica L. Butler, MDE


i12 — Food Service Claims and State Supplemental Monies

Grand Gallery Overlook GH, DeVos

Claims and state payments have expanded. Learn tips on how to successfully navigate claim errors when they arise!

Presenter(s): Richard Aguirre and JL Purves, MDE


i13 — MiDEAL: An All-Access Pass to State of Michigan Contracts

Atrium, Amway

Learn about the MiDEAL program and how it satisfies and complements your school district’s purchasing policy. Get a review of the MiDEAL program, member benefits, contract portfolio and a tour of the MiDEAL website.

Presenter(s): Shawn Vaughn, DTMB


i14 — Property/Casualty Top Trends and Crucial Considerations

Emerald B, Amway

Get a 12-month forecast on property/casual insurance trends. Understand property/casualty market trends-such as valuation, cybersecurity, and more.

Presenter(s): Steven Privasky, SET SEG


i15 — Guide to Compliance Training

Haldane, Amway

Hear about a complete guide for compliance training, combining mandated training and education requirements in one booklet. Governing references, training schedules, and personnel impacted by requirements are all included in this comprehensive guide.

Presenter(s): Jamison Hagerty, SET SEG


i16 — Understanding Michigan Public School Employees’ Retirement System (MPSERS) Benefit Plans

Ambassador, Amway

Understand MPSERS benefit plans and tools for sharing that information to new employees and retirees.

Presenter(s): Steve Cary, Bobby Hoppes, Josey McCloud, Angela Sanborn, and Jennifer Smith, DTMB-ORS


i17 — Diversity, Inclusion, and Generations in the Workplace

Pearl, Amway

Learn about how diversity and inclusion impact today’s changing workplace.

Presenter(s): Justin Hawkins, Chartwells School Dining Services


i18 — MSBO Certification Program

Grand View A, Amway

The MSBO Certification Program is a voluntary program endorsed by both Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB) as well as Michigan Association of Superintendents and Administrators (MASA). MSBO offers 14 separate tracks and provides essential information to school business professionals at the beginning of their careers and assures continuing professional development throughout their career. Get your questions answered.

Presenter(s): Courtney Byam and Debbie Kopkau, MSBO


i19 — Exit Interviews, Stay Interviews, and Climate Surveys

River Overlook AB, DeVos

What are they? Why do them? Understand how to use the information from exit and stay interviews as well as climate surveys to improve your school district. Learn how they can help retain staff and assist supervisors to be more effective. Learn best practices and practical applications of these important tools.

Presenter(s): Todd Surline, Hiring Solutions LLC


i20 — Regional Mentoring Best Practices

Heritage Hill, Amway

Learn how Oakland County School Business Officials has facilitated a grassroots mentoring program in their area. Get ideas on how you can build a local network of support.

Presenter(s): Teri L. Les, Oakland Schools and Rick West, Troy School District


i21 — Specialized Pupil Accounting

Vandenberg A, Amway

Understand pupil accounting and the issues of non-standard enrollment such as online, shared time, and seat-time waivers.

Presenter(s): Jessica Beagle and Brian Ciloski, MDE


i22 — Transportation Update

Imperial, Amway

It’s been a very eventful year for pupil transportation systems. From changes to the School Aid Act, security on buses, environmentally clean buses, grant money and more. Learn how this all affects transportation operations across the state and specific applications for your district.

Presenter(s): Katrina Morris, West Shore ESD

2:45 – 4:00 pm

Closing General Session, Business Meeting and Prizes
Ambassador, Amway


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