24th Annual Facilities/Operations Director Conference

October 2-4, 2022 • Crystal Mountain Resort • Thompsonville, MI 49683

Sunday • October 2, 2022

2:00 – 5:30 pm


2:00 – 5:00 pm (Tee times are 2:03 – 2:57 pm) 

Form your own foursome and golf on the Betsie Valley. Sign up online and pay at the golf course. Cost is $27 for nine holes. 

5:30 – 7:00 pm

Welcoming Reception

Weather permitting, we’ll be riding the Crystal Coaster!

Special thanks to the following sponsors of the reception: Modernistic Cleaning & Restoration, Performance Engineering Group, Inc., Tarkett and Zolman Restoration 


Monday • October 3, 2022

7:00 – 7:50 am

Full Breakfast

Sponsored by: Nichols and Strategic Energy Solutions, Inc. 

7:50 – 8:20 am

Opening Session

Presenter(s): Scott Little and David Martell, MSBO


8:30 – 11:30 am

(1)  Introduction to Facilities Management

Understand educational facilities operations with a focus on several key areas. Learn the role of the facilities manager in the educational community and the impact of facilities in general on the learning and work environment. An outline of the legal and regulatory responsibilities will also be discussed.

Presenter(s): Kenneth A. Andrews, Airport Community Schools and Tim Peraino, Kent ISD


(2) Custodial Operations

Understand custodial operations and learn best practices that focus on procedure manuals, scheduling and staffing, training, equipment and supplies, and service contracts.

Presenter(s): Glen Huizenga, Nichols and Jeff Miller, Kent ISD


8:30 – 9:50 am

(3)  Electrical Phase Protection and Boiler Care  

Maintaining boilers properly leads to safer operations and energy savings. Phase protection is a key prevention practice for your electrical systems. Failure to adopt these practices could lead to overloads, worn contacts, or mechanical failures – which can cause unsafe conditions, broken equipment, and costly downtime. Discover how to prevent electrical system failures, including phase protection, along with ways to strengthen boiler maintenance programs.

Presenter(s): Jamison Hagerty, SET SEG; Representative, HSB 


(4) Pump It Up!  

Our building systems rely on many various pumps to perform properly. Gain a better understanding of how pumps work and learn which pumps fit which applications. Learn what new technology is impacting pumps going forward and how to service your pumps to prolong their life.

Presenter(s): David Chwalibog and Peter Kutil, Michigan Air Products; Tony Furst, Armstrong Fluid Technology 


(5) Burnout: Recognizing the Signs and How to Manage Them  

Leading school facilities programs over the last couple of years has been more than challenging. Many feel burned out, discouraged, and tired. How do we recognize when you’re slipping into discouragement and what to do to fight it? Discover tangible ways to identify burnout in yourself and your staff, and more importantly, steps to beat this rising trend.

Presenter(s): Leander Rabe, Hulings and Associates, L.L.C. 


(6) Optimizing Your Building Management System Through Commissioning 

An all-too-common scenario in school facilities is having a Building Management System (BMS) that is not properly utilized or is not set up to provide the most efficient operation of building systems. Learn steps to take that can help you better utilize your BMS. Discover, both from the commissioning and design team perspectives, how to easily avoid the costly challenges with upgrading or installing new building management systems.

Presenters: Kevin Bouchey and Kari Rosteck, Strategic Energy Solutions, Inc. 


(7) Current Trends in the Energy Markets and does Solar Energy Make Sense for your District.  

Hear the current trends in the energy markets, utility rate forecasts and how those trends will and can impact your districts energy costs. Additionally, with more schools considering solar power as a solution to their energy need, learn how to effectively evaluate solar options and costs and discover how the MI Schools Energy Cooperative (MISEC) can partner with districts to ensure a viable project.

Presenter(s): Jeff Clark, Michigan Schools Energy Cooperative 


9:50 – 10:10 am


Sponsored by:  Kingscott Associates, Inc., MWA Commercial Roofing Solutions and Sideline Sports 


10:10 – 11:30 am

(8) Construction: Dealing with Shortages 

Have your projects been delayed? Are supply chain issues and labor shortages impacting your projects? These unprecedented times of disruption in the procurement process combined with labor shortages can prolong your project deadline. Learn about solutions that can help address some of these issues and keep your projects on time and on budget.

Presenter(s): Rob Atkins and John Davids, Kingscott Associates, Inc., Rex Clary, Saline Area Schools, Jeff Soles, Thrun Law Firm, P.C. and Becky Timberlake, Clark Construction 


(9) Who Decides?

When was the last time you took a class on decision making? How do we know if we make good decisions? Why are we never taught how to do the thing we do more than anything else – deciding what to do? Learn how to focus on creating a decision-making process for your organization that will let you rely on more than “your gut” to make tough decisions. By using a formalized decision-making process, you can develop more refined and justifiable decisions that will result in better outcomes.

Presenter(s): Leander Rabe, Hulings and Associates, L.L.C. 


(10) Innovation in Facilities Management 

Wayne-Westland Community Schools’ Facilities Department has won multiple MSBO Meridian Awards of Excellence for implementing a variety of innovative practices. Learn about their awards and how you can model these ideas, along with other approaches to their operation that you may find beneficial in your department.

Presenter(s): Matthew Connolly, Geno Montayne, and Tony Spisak, Wayne Westland Community Schools 


(11) MIOSHA – Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration 

Learn common violations and guidance for complying with MIOSHA regulations, including addressing COVID concerns. Learn what to expect should your district have the pleasure of a MIOSHA visit.

Presenter(s): Robert Atkins, MIOSHA 


(12) Managing Your Water Systems 

Learn to develop effective sampling programs for drinking water, including legionella sampling. Discover what you need to know to ensure your district’s water sources are safe and meet all regulatory requirements, as well.

Presenter(s): Jenna Sendra and Scott Staber, Arch Environmental Group, Inc. 


11:40 am – 12:15 pm

Networking Luncheon with Exhibitors

12:15 – 2:15 pm

Exhibit Show


2:30 – 5:30 pm

(13) Maintenance Operations

Learn the basics and best practices in maintenance operations. Understand scheduling and staffing; the basics of work order systems; service contracts, as well as the benefits of focusing on preventative maintenance of grounds.

Presenter(s): Brett Baker and Todd Bell, Kentwood Public Schools 


(14) Environmental Health and Safety 

Understand major state and federal regulations and how they blend with each other and their impact on facilities.

Presenter(s): Kary Amin, Nova Environmental, Inc. 


2:30 – 3:50 pm

(15) Succession Planning – Critical Leadership Responsibility 

If not you then who? Succession planning in operations – A critical leadership responsibility is planning for your own replacement. Despite everyone intuitively knowing this, most organizations do little to nothing to plan for personnel replacements and even fewer organizations are actively thinking about how their needs might change. Discover best practices in succession planning and how you can begin this process for your whole organization.

Presenter(s): Leander Rabe, Hulings and Associates, L.L.C.


(16) The Impact of HVAC on Indoor Air Quality and Operations for the Future 

Over the course of the last two years schools have been inundated with Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) “solutions” designed to improve indoor air quality (IAQ). Learn how changes in HVAC strategies have impacted IAQ, energy efficiency, and student success. Discover new HVAC technologies, effectiveness, and impact on your facility operations.

Presenter(s): Greg Adamczyk, and Jonathan Rumohr, IGNYTE Design  


(17) Optimizing Operational Cost Savings 

Several factors comprise Total Cost of Ownership in our building systems. Learn how energy consumption, equipment operation, lighting, and more, can be improved, saving money, and improving student outcomes.

Presenter(s): George Kacan, Wightman 


(18) Tell Me About It! 

Join a facilitated discussion on best practices in school facilities management. Hear from colleagues on their challenges and successes, and share yours, if you would like. Talking with peers is beneficial to help think through issues. Rarely is an issue unique, and even if it is, discussing it with others in the business can often lead to solutions.

Presenter(s): Gary Kennedy, Riverview Community Schools 


(19) Developing Security Priorities 

Following a school tragedy, districts are often overwhelmed with how to prioritize and allocate resources for security and safety. Learn from a national security expert on how schools can reduce the fear and make decisions based on sound and proven strategies.

Presenter(s): Jason Russell, SEC 


3:50 – 4:10 pm


Sponsored by:  Kingscott Associates, Inc., MWA Commercial Roofing Solutions and Sideline Sports 


4:10 – 5:30 pm

(20) Effectively Cleaning in Today’s Environment 

Covid 19 really focused on the need to thoroughly clean buildings for health. How do school district’s approach this mission with limited time and staff? Learn about cleaning equipment available now and what’s on the drawing board – along with advances in cleaning chemicals and processes. Staffing will continue to be a challenge, so it is important to embrace the most effective equipment and systems to keep up.

Presenter(s): Brian Heerdt and Brian Pleune, Nichols; Todd Seabert, Spartan Chemical Company, Inc.; Troy Osborne, Osborne Marketing 


(21) Maintaining Synthetic Fields into the Future 

Many districts have installed synthetic fields in recent years. These fields provide safe, long-lasting surfaces and allow for many different events. They are not, however, maintenance free! These are significant investments that require proper maintenance protocols to ensure they stay safe and last the projected life span. Discover the essential maintenance practices required and better understand how to inspect for safety and potential repairs.

Presenter(s): Troy Albright, Turfix, LLC 


(22) Leadership and Culture 

Good leadership and positive organizational culture matter to the entire team, regardless of age or time on staff. Learn from a millennial how he has applied life lessons in developing good leadership and culture for him and his team. Hear his leadership perspective coming into his current industry and how it influenced his commitment to his new role

Presenter(s): Alex Brajak and Ed Stasiak, KSS Enterprises 


(23) School Finance Update 

Hear the latest state budget and school finance information from the Deputy Executive Director of MSBO. This is your chance to hear and ask questions about where school finance really is right now and where it may be heading.

Presenter(s): Robert Dwan, MSBO 


(24) Facility Management…powered by Google! 

Managing facility resources, tracking projects, and communicating with key personnel is a full-time job! Let Google help! This session will explore the use of Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and Sites to centralize facility information, manage maintenance tasks and communicate with your team. This powerful combination of tools is already in use in most schools…tap into the power of Google to manage your facilities! 

Presenter(s): John R. Sowash, Sowash Ventures, LLC 


5:30 – 6:30 pm

Reception on the Mountain Top


6:30 – 7:30 pm

Buffet Dinner

Sponsored by:  Michigan Air Products, SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team and SET SEG 


Tuesday • October 6, 2022

7:30 – 8:20 am

Full Breakfast

Sponsored by: Gilbane Building Company and MOSS 


8:30 – 11:30 am

(25) Principles of Budgeting 

Learn principles of school budgeting and methods of establishing and maintaining a facility or an operations budget. Understand major budget pressures that schools face, the role of collective bargaining in the budget, and how the public can affect the local school budget.


Presenter(s): Steven Lenar, Holly Area Schools 


(26) Systems – HVAC, Electrical, and Technology 

Understand different facilities HVAC systems and their components. Analyze the working relationship between HVAC, electronic systems, and technology in your school district.

Presenter(s): Ronald A. Boezwinkle, GMB Architecture + Engineering


8:30 – 9:50 am

(27) Don’t Leave Money on the Table 

If it saves a kilowatt of electricity or a cubic foot of gas, it earns a rebate. Learn what specific rebates are available through your utility company, along with other initiatives for you to consider. You will also learn of various programs designed to assist districts in reducing energy and increasing awareness.

Presenter(s): David Kirk, Consumers Energy Business Solutions and Todd O’Grady, Michigan Saves 


(28) Playground Safety 

Inspecting playgrounds and documenting results can go a long way to ensuring students’ safety. In the event someone does get hurt on your playgrounds, having the proper documentation of inspections and repairs could limit district liability. Learn accident prevention tactics, details on what needs to be inspected and when, along with how to properly document your efforts.

Presenter(s): Mike Grosso, SET SEG  


(29) Maintaining Gym and Other Wood Floors for Optimal Performance and Longevity 

Gym, stage, and performing arts floors are used a great deal in schools and require appropriate attention to ensure a safe, attractive surface. Discover the real difference between oil and water-based finishes and which one is most appropriate for your facility. Learn general maintenance processes that should always be employed, and what should be avoided, to ensure a long-lasting floor

Presenter(s): Cody Orszula, Floor Care Concepts & Supply Co. 


(30) Good Acoustics Matter 

When children cannot hear in their classroom, or music spaces do not resonate sound effectively, proper acoustic solutions can make a major difference. Learn what types of acoustic materials work in various environments. Discover how your district facilities contribute to more positive student outcomes through proper application of acoustic materials.

Presenter(s): Janice Bays and Jeff Buckallew, Armstrong Commercial Ceiling Systems 


(31) Door Security Solutions 

As the focus continues on school safety and access controls, having a better understanding of solutions available at the door entry is important. Learn more about door hardware, key systems, and electronic door security capabilities; along with what is available, what’s coming and what applications to consider right now.

Presenter(s): David Hood, ASSA ABLOY  


9:50 – 10:10 am


Sponsored by:  Kingscott Associates, Inc., MWA Commercial Roofing Solutions and Sideline Sports 


10:10 – 11:30 am

(32) ISD Facilities Directors Round Table 

Work in an ISD, RESA, ESA or similar? Feel like some of your issues are unique compared to traditional K-12 facilities? This is your chance to sit with peers from similar organizations and have discussions about the special circumstances that your operations entail. Please come ready to discuss your operations and share information about your staffing, your areas of responsibility and your involvement with the districts you serve.

Presenter(s): Troy Boone, Berrien RESA 


(33) Repair or Replace Athletic Tracks and Tennis Courts 

Many districts are faced with aging athletic tracks and tennis courts. When and how to maintain these athletic facilities to prolong their useful life, and when it is time to reconstruct, are all questions schools face when allocating funds for facility improvements. Learn the various approaches to reconstruct and improve athletic tracks and tennis courts.  Often, full reconstruction is not required, and by doing a partial reconstruction/improvement you can add many years onto an athletic track or tennis court before a full reconstruction is required.

Presenter(s): Bruce Lemons, Foresite Design, Inc. 


(34) Minimizing Workplace Accidents  

Simple slips, trips, and falls are the leading types of accidents resulting in workers compensation claims. These claims are costly and often could have been avoided. Learn how to protect yourself and your employees from injuries while on the job and discover preventive tips and practices. Also, learn best practices to follow if an accident should occur, along with mandatory training you need to provide for your employees.

Presenter(s): Darlene Wood, SET SEG 


(35) MPSERS and Other Retirement Complexities 

Understand changes to healthcare coverage, income in retirement, and how changes impact active school district employees. Learn the importance of pre-planning your own financial future, as well as learning how to share this information with staff.

Presenter(s): Representative, Michigan Association of Retired School Personnel (MARSP) 


(36) The Four Factors of Effective Leadership. 

Whether you’re a manager, parent, teacher, coach, or board member, these four factors will help you improve your ability to lead others. Each factor combines the wisdom of ancient philosophers, successful executives, and leadership gurus with common themes from scientific research as well as examples from the lives of famous leaders and infamous failures.

Presenter(s): David Rendall, CSP 

11:30 am – 12:15 pm


Sponsored by: TMP Architecture, Inc. 


12:15 pm – 1:00 pm

Closing Session: David Rendall

David Rendall has spoken to audiences on every inhabited continent. His clients include the US Air Force, Australian Government, and Fortune 50 companies such as Microsoft, AT&T, United Health Group, Fannie Mae, and State Farm.Prior to becoming a Certified Speaking Professional, he was a leadership professor and stand-up comedian. He also managed nonprofit enterprises that provided employment for people with disabilities.




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