MSBO Membership Policies

Membership runs on a fiscal year from July 1 to June 30 and is not pro-rated, is non-refundable, and not transferable.

Beginning fiscal year 2025-26, membership becomes active upon payment of dues. All membership renewals must be paid by August 15 or membership will be deactivated.

Membership consists of the following categories:

  • Active Member – employed by a Michigan school district, public school academy, college or university, or state agency. Active membership remains with the individual and is not transferable.
  • Contract Associate Member – not directly employed by a school but are working in the capacity of an Active member.
  • Associate Member – employed in a business, not an educational institution. Associate membership remains with the company.
  • Emeritus Member – retired and former Active member.
  • Student Member – students enrolled in a college or university who do not qualify for Active Membership.

Memberships with affiliate organizations are available to purchase as an additional option to your MSBO dues:

  • ASBO International Membership – Active individual membership that extends your ASBO membership for 12 months from its current expiration.
  • ASBO District Membership – Membership for an entire school district business office and related departments (no limit to the number of individuals) to ASBO International for one year.
  • Michigan Association for Pupil Transportation (MAPT) – Active individual membership in MAPT.

The right to vote and hold office is limited to Active members whose dues are paid for the current year.

MSBO listservs are a benefit of membership. Associate members may be on the listservs but shall not reply on the lists, only to individuals. Click here for MSBO Board Policy concerning the use of MSBO Listservs.

Eligible members who have paid their annual dues for the current year are entitled to all the benefits of membership. Click here for Member Benefits.

The Board of Directors may remove an individual’s membership for a violation of MSBO Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct.

Please refer to MSBO’s Bylaws for more information.