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Technology Committee


The purpose of the MSBO Technology Committee is:

  • To provide a forum for discussion of issues of concern and/or interest to school technology managers and a mechanism for communicating those issues to MSBO and other member groups.
  • To provide a mechanism for meeting the professional development needs for MSBO members responsible for managing technology in schools.
  • To assist in promoting the efficient use of technology in schools, including creating standards for the management and application of technology.
  • To serve as a resource for MSBO in helping all school business personnel understand technology in schools and how to use it properly and efficiently.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Planning and conducting meetings of the MSBO Technology Committee.
  • Evaluating laws, regulations and practices relative to technology and its use in schools.
  • Communicating with state and federal regulators, through and with MSBO, regarding technology-related matters.
  • Assisting MSBO in planning professional development activities for technology managers and staff and all school personnel on matters related to technology.
  • Other activities as deemed appropriate by the Committee, in collaboration with MSBO.
  • Liaison with other organizations that serve school technology managers.
  • Serve as a model for policy and procedures in school technology.

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Richard Webb, CTO
Director of Technology
Fremont Public Schools
(231) 924-8191
Board Liaison: Julie Omer
Staff Liaison: Debbie Kopkau


2019–20 Meetings

MSBO, Lansing, beginning at noon and ending at 3:00 pm (exceptions are noted)


2018–19 Meetings

MSBO, Lansing, beginning at noon and ending at 3:00 pm (exceptions are noted)


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