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MSBO Core Values

Professionalism requires school business officials to place the welfare of education before personal gain. Trust in the integrity of our profession is essential to the prosperity of education.

MSBO's Core Values

  • The Value of Education. We believe in the value of education. We will do all we can to support and enhance the delivery of education to Michigan’s children.
  • Dedication to Leadership and Learning. We believe each of us should be a leader and that effective leadership and management require a defined set of knowledge and skills as well as common sense. We will attend workshops and conferences and engage in other professional development activities that help us maintain and advance our knowledge. We will assist others in learning and ask questions of our colleagues when we need advice or information. We will approach all situations expecting to learn something.
  • The Power of Synergy. We believe in approaching problems expecting to make a personal contribution to the solution and with the recognition that the best solutions are normally the result of working with others.
  • Commitment to Ethics. We believe in operating our personal and professional lives in an ethical way that will reflect favorably on our schools and our profession. We believe we have a responsibility to act as stewards of our schools and to contribute to our communities and colleagues.

Based on these values, we believe in doing things right and in doing the right things.

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