84th Annual

MSBO Conference & Exhibit Show


Thursday, April 27, 2023

7:00 am

31st Annual SET SEG Fun Run/Walk

Location: Pantlind Lobby near Ruth’s Chris Steak House 

Get up and get going early at the SET SEG Fun Run during the MSBO Annual Conference & Exhibit Show! Join SET SEG and MSBO for a 5K Run/Walk around downtown Grand Rapids. Participants who register early will receive a commemorative t-shirt and prizes will be awarded for the fastest times! Participants must sign up by March 31 to be guaranteed a t-shirt.

Meet in the lobby by Ruth’s Chris Steak House in the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel by 6:50 am.


7:00 – 9:00 am


Location: Ambassador Ballroom


7:00 am – 3:30 pm


Location: Center Concourse

D01 – Computerized Facility Management

Room: President Gerald R. Ford Ballroom

Learn about the different options for computerization of the facility management functions, including work order systems, utility tracking, preventative maintenance, space usage, and inventory. Required: Facilities Director – Elective: all other tracks.

Presenter(s): Tyler Cantrell, FMX and Fred Hayward, Emeritus


D02 – Security and Disaster Recovery

Room: Atrium

Learn security best practices at the network, server and workstation levels. The security practices covered can be applied to multiple types of network architectures including Windows, Linux and others. Understand best practices on creating and implementing a disaster recovery plan. Required: Chief Technology Officer – Elective: all other tracks.

Presenter(s): Christopher G. Nelson, Lenawee/Monroe Technology Consortium

E03 – Construction Projects: Clarifying Widespread Misunderstandings    

Room: Haldane

Even with limited funding, school districts still need to accomplish varying levels of construction, renovation, and remodeling. When certain rules and regulations apply is sometimes confusing. When do you need to use a licensed architect or have plan approval through the state Bureau of Construction Codes, for example? Everyone will deal with this at some point. Understand the common misconceptions about laws applicable to school construction.

Presenter(s): Kirk C. Herald and Piotr M. Matusiak, Thrun Law Firm, P.C.


E04 – Time for Geothermal?

Room: Riverview

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, geothermal systems are among the most environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient heating and cooling technology. Learn how a geothermal system works and why you should consider it for your district. With the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, school districts can now receive up to 40% of their system cost from the federal government. Discover how to determine if geothermal makes sense for your district and the factors you need to consider.

Presenter(s): Steven Gunther, Strategic Energy Solutions, Inc.


E05 – Debt Leveraging Strategies

Room: Grand View C

Understanding how and when to recapture debt that is retiring is fundamental to passing a bond. Understanding how to position your district to go out for a bond every 5-8 years and fill in the gaps with sinking funds is critical to maintaining great facilities. Tri County Area Schools will present their journey to passing a bond, the challenges they faced, and lessons learned along the way.

Presenter(s): Rob Atkins, Kingscott Associates, Inc. and Allen Cumings, Tri County Area Schools


E06 – ESSER Funding Progress Report

Room: Grand Gallery Overlook AB, DeVos Place

Learn the latest about the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER) funding streams and your responsibilities for recording and reporting activity.  System changes, amendments, budgets and final expenditure reports will be discussed!

Presenter(s): Kevin Walters, MDE


E07 – Frequently Found Audit Issues (MDE vs. Auditor Perspective)

Room: Grand Gallery Overlook CD, DeVos Place

Understand common findings in compliance, internal controls, and other deficiencies from the audit perspective and the Michigan Department of Education.

Presenter(s): Gloria Jean Suggitt, MDE and Jennifer Watkins, Yeo & Yeo CPAs & Advisors


E08 – Trends in Talent Retention, Engagement, and Attraction, and How They Impact a District’s Bottom Line 

Room: Imperial Ballroom

As the nature of work changes, the competition for talent is fierce. Learn the connection between an organization’s culture and that organization’s success, what employees are expecting from their employers and strategies employers are implementing to deliver on those expectations.

Presenter(s): Trisha Sullivan, Gallagher and Rick West, Troy School District


E09 – Special Education for Business Managers

Room: Vandenberg B

Understand how programming and instruction for special education affects the business office. Learn about max case loads for programs, duties of an instructional aide vs. a health care aide, reporting of special education teachers that are pushed into the general education classroom, as well as the difference between teacher vs. teacher consultant.

Presenter(s): Scott B. Kemmer-Slater, Gratiot-Isabella RESD


E10 – Grant Processing A-Z

Room: Vandenberg A

Learn best practices in accounting for grants. Fund requests, budgeting, reporting and electronic submissions will all be discussed.

Presenter(s): Rene Cope and Christopher D. Lamer, Ottawa Area ISD and Jeffrey Staley, Maner Costerisan


E11 – Bond Proceed Investment Basics

Room: Nelson

Congratulations, your district passed your millage vote. Now the work starts. Understand selling and settling your bond financing. Learn what to expect at settlement, arbitrage considerations and ultimately the investment of your bond proceeds.

Presenter(s): Michael Barry, MILAF+/PFM Asset Management, LLC


E12 – Legislative Update

Room: Pearl

What’s happening in Lansing affects your district. Learn how the current legislative session is going in Lansing and what legislation could impact your district.

Presenter(s): Jerry Johnson, Calhoun ISD


E13 – Understand the Implications of School District Audit and Financial Statements

Room: Kendall

Understand the audit process as well as the requirements placed on the business office, how to best prepare, and key items to review in your financial statements.

Presenter(s): Allison Glinka and Thomas Marchese, Plante Moran


E14 – Food Service Oversight for Business Managers

Room: Berkey

Understand and effectively manage a food service contractor relationship and operation. Learn how to work with your contracted food service director, how to understand the finances of a contractor/district relationship, and how to go beyond ticking and tying the numbers.

Presenter(s): Justin Hawkins, Chartwells School Dining Services and Steven A. Lenar, Holly Area Schools


E15 – Meal Charging: Bad Debt Policies are Back 

Room: Thornapple

The hot topic of negative student food service balances is back and has recently been in the news. Learn the minimum requirements, best practices, and resources available to ensure you’re not missing out.

Presenter(s): Taneá Curtis-Brooks and Stacey Lamper-McFall, MDE


E16 – Tidy and Functional Excel Files

Room: Governor’s Room

Your Excel files communicate more than just data. The formulas, formatting, and organization are as important for the flexibility and functionality of your files. Learn tips and tricks in using Excel.

Presenter(s): Christopher May, MDE and Sharon Raschke, Dexter Community Schools


E17 – School Ballot Proposals and Elections: Legal Requirements, Timing, Strategy and More

Room: Winchester

Learn the legal requirements for placing a bond, sinking fund or operating millage proposal on the ballot. Get a review of upcoming election dates; election timelines; discussion of factors to consider when choosing an election date; operating millage renewal strategies in light of Headlee rollbacks; Campaign Finance Act update and other legislative developments.

Presenter(s): James M. Crowley, Miller Canfield


E18 – Everything You Need to Know About Employment Contracts

Room: Grand Gallery Overlook GH, DeVos Place

The same old “form” employment contracts get passed down from year-to-year and across all different types of employees. This practice exposes schools to avoidable headaches and potential legal dead ends. Employment contracts should be carefully tailored to the specific employee group or to the specific employee. Learn the common mistakes and how to easily avoid them. Understand how employment contracts and board policy impact discharge, layoff, and nonrenewal decisions.

Presenter(s): Katherine Wolf Broaddus, Thrun Law Firm, P.C.


E19 – Insurance Benefits: Current Trends  

Room: Emerald A

We’re well past the implementation phase of PA 152 hard caps. As we enter the second decade of hard caps, what has changed in school district insurance benefit offerings? What is the next new thing? Learn how to stay current with the market and use insurance as a recruiting and retainment tool.

Presenter(s): Douglas L. Derks, Gallagher and Abby Lloyd, Allegan Area ESA


E20 – ORS for Beginners     

Room: Grand Gallery Overlook EF, DeVos Place

Learn the basics of Office of Retirement Services (ORS) and the resources available to employers to successfully report wages and service and pay contributions.

Presenter(s): Steve Cary, Bobby Hoppes, Josefina E. McCloud, Angela Sanborn, and Jennifer Smith, ORS


E21 – Top 10 Reasons Why Your District Could Lose FTE/Foundation Allowance Revenue   

Room: Heritage Hill

Full-time equivalents (FTE) are a school district’s primary revenue source and counting students is essential to foundation allowance revenues. Learn the top 10 reasons why your district is losing FTE and foundation allowance revenue. Get strategies to help you maximize your revenue from FTE and minimize your mistakes.

Presenter(s): Caitlin Hengesbach, MDE and Leslie Shamel, Lapeer County ISD


E22 – How to Process and Evaluate Bids   

Room: Emerald B

Learn how sealed bids should be written and processed in order to minimize mistakes or bidder protests. Learn to write bid specifications, bid do’s and don’ts of writing bid specifications. Understand the definition of a responsive and responsible bidder.

Presenter(s): Dana L. Abrahams, Clark Hill PLC


E23 – Legal, Equity, and Ethical Issues in Technology

Room: Grand View A

The rapid change in technology has raised many questions for school district technology leaders such as the impacts of Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) in the cloud-computing age, the protection of intellectual property on the Internet, Acceptable Use Policies (AUP), data breaches, and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) webpage compliance. Learn what school districts should be doing to alleviate legal ramifications.

Presenter(s): Cathleen M. Dooley, Thrun Law Firm, P.C.


E24 – Data Privacy and Security: A Practical Approach

Room: Grand View B

Understand what schools should know about data privacy and security as the technology landscape develops and risks continue to grow. Learn what laws apply (and how), tips for negotiating with third parties, and how to quantify the risks to understand the costs in an objective way and useful training tips. We will include a look at current best practices, trends and legislative updates.

Presenter(s): Ilya Smith, Clark Hill PLC


E25 – Transportation Legal Update 

Room: Ottawa

Pupil transportation is more than transporting children. School districts have to address a multitude of issues that could include delivering students to different houses based on which parent is caring for that child, homeless student obligations, and Schools of Choice busing. There are also privacy issues to consider with cameras installed on buses. Learn what the laws really require.

Presenter(s): Jeremy S. Motz, Clark Hill PLC


9:20 – 9:40 am

Break/Passing Time

F03 – Let’s Talk Facilities

Room: Vandenberg A

Join a facilitated discussion on best practices in school facilities management. Hear from colleagues on their challenges and successes, and share yours, if you would like. Talking with peers is beneficial to help think through issues. Rarely is an issue unique, and even if it is, discussing it with others in the business can often lead to solutions.

Presenter(s): Kenneth A. Andrews, Airport Community Schools and Tim Peraino, Kent ISD


F04 – Construction: Dealing with Shortages

Room: Thornapple

Have your projects been delayed? Are supply chain issues and labor shortages impacting your projects? These unprecedented times of disruption in the procurement process combined with labor shortages can prolong your projects. Learn about solutions that can help address some of these issues and keep your projects on time and on budget.

Presenter(s): Rob Atkins, Kingscott Associates, Inc.; Rex J. Clary, Saline Area Schools; Jeffrey J. Soles, Thrun Law Firm, P.C.; and Becky Timberlake, Clark Construction Company


F05 – Bond Issuance Roundtable: Issuer Perspective

Room: Riverview

A moderated roundtable that includes school district business officials will share their thoughts on evaluating refunding opportunities, coupon decisions, millage rate management, voted bonds vs. sinking funds, as well as other topics.

Presenter(s): Brodie J. Killian and Jeffrey A. Zylstra, Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Inc.; Mike Cuneo, Rockford Public Schools; Ginger L. Faber, Mount Pleasant Public Schools; Ian F. Koffler, Thrun Law Firm, P.C.; and Rick West, Troy School District


F06 – The Fundamentals of Contracts and Competitive Bidding

Room: Vandenberg B

Every school business official needs a fundamental understanding of contracts and competitive bidding. Every contract a school district enters should be scrutinized for unfavorable and unlawful terms to prevent future headaches. Learn what needs to be competitively bid and what does not, along with tips for updating your school district’s current competitive bidding and purchasing policies.

Presenter(s): Mackenzie D. Flynn and Kirk C. Herald, Thrun Law Firm, P.C.


F07 – What to Expect in the Next 18 Months: Property and Casualty

Room: Winchester

Understand what is happening in the Property and Casualty Marketplace and what to expect in insurance over the next 18 months into 2024. Learn how your district can prepare for the future.

Presenter(s): Brian Pierce, Gallagher and John Zielinski, Emeritus


F08 – Getting to Know the L-4029 and Other Matters Related to Setting Millage and Renewing Millage

Room: Grand Gallery Overlook AB, DeVos Place

Understand what to look for when renewing operating millage or considering having hedge mills. Learn about timing considerations for your next operating millage, sinking fund and bond proposals.

Presenter(s): Michael D. Gresens, Thrun Law Firm, P.C. and Sarah Moore and Robert J. Naughton, PFM Financial Advisors, LLC


F09 – The Importance of Internal Controls  

Room: Grand Gallery Overlook CD, DeVos Place

Whether you have a hunch someone is stealing from your organization, or you’re simply worried there are opportunities to do so, acting quickly is imperative. Learn more about how fraud and theft could impact your organization and internal control procedures to implement to hopefully keep it from happening to you.

Presenter(s): William J. Kowalski, Rehmann Corporate Investigations


F10 – Booster Clubs and Support Groups: Limiting Potential Liability   

Room: Grand Gallery Overlook EF, DeVos Place

Now that GASB 84 has been implemented, your school may be dealing with new relationship dynamics as it relates to booster clubs, support groups, and the host of other activity funds school districts formerly held as fiduciary accounts. Get answers to recurring questions, discuss externalizing support groups to reduce liability. Understand policies and procedures that should be adjusted, and most importantly, discuss practical ways to address areas of conflict with these support groups.

Presenter(s): Ryan J. Nicholson, Thrun Law Firm, P.C.


F11 – The Data Analytics Advantage: Utilizing Data to Support Decisions

Room: Ottawa

K12s collect more data than ever before, but has it helped you make meaningful decisions? Learn what data is available and how best to utilize and transform data into actions that make a difference.

Presenter(s): Stephanie Henry and Matt Schorr, Plante Moran


F12 – Benefits of Insurance Pools and Consortiums

Room: Grand View C

Understand the benefits to purchasing insurance through a pool or consortium on both the benefits and property and casualty side. Learn how your district can benefit from participating in one of these programs.

Presenter(s): Mike Hagerty, Gallagher


F13 – IT for the New Business Manager

Room: Grand View B

Gain an understanding of your IT department’s security initiatives and terminology to help inform budget priorities, mitigate risk exposure, and support implementation.

Presenter(s): Andy Brush, DTMB; Alan McCarrick, Plante Moran; Matthew McMahon, Gratiot-Isabella RESD; and Nicholas Morse, Kent ISD


F14 – Accounting Manual and Financial Reporting for New Business Managers

Room: Governor’s Room

Learn the basics of the Bulletin 1022 public school accounting manual. Get an overview of the state requirements and how following the standard chart of accounts can help you better manage your district budget, accounting, and year-end reporting.

Presenter(s): Christopher May, MDE and Sharon Raschke, Dexter Community Schools


F15 – Financial Compliance in School Nutrition Programs

Room: Emerald B

Learn about the financial requirements and best practices for allowable costs for your Food Service Program.

Presenter(s): Tanea Curtis-Brooks and Stacey Lamper-McFall, MDE


F16 – Legal Update 

Room: Pearl

Learn significant legal developments that impact school districts. Hear an overview of state and federal legislation, attorney general opinions, court decisions, as well as other guidance covering a broad range of school law subjects — including finance, employment and labor law, student rights, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and Open Meetings Act (OMA).

Presenter(s): Erin H. Walz, Thrun Law Firm, P.C.


F17 – Succession Planning

Room: Imperial Ballroom

Learn how to hire well, how to train staff, and how to address your plan when it goes awry.

Presenter(s): Tim Ammon, Center for Effective School Operations


F18 – Grievance Management: Effective Strategies for Collective Bargaining Agreement Disputes     

Room: Heritage Hill

Developing an effective process for resolving grievances involves knowing when to take a stand and when to mutually resolve a grievance. Understand how the initial response must correctly identify the relevant legal issues to capture the issue moving forward. Learn the legal and practical considerations involved in addressing grievances, including an update of critical Michigan Employment Relations Commission (MERC) decisions.

Presenter(s): Daniel R. Martin, Thrun Law Firm, P.C.


F19 – Collective Bargaining: Innovations and Advanced Strategies

Room: Haldane

Learn more advanced negotiation collective bargaining strategies. Bargaining delays, tensions, public pressure, and other “roadblocks” are common in the collective bargaining process. Understand proven strategies for reaching a resolution when negotiations become difficult.

Presenter(s): Timothy T. Gardner, Jr., Thrun Law Firm, P.C.


F20 – “Open-Mic” for Payroll Processors

Room: Grand Gallery Overlook GH, DeVos Place

Are you new to the payroll process or a veteran that has experiences you would like to share? Participants from around the state and at all levels of experience will address the issues you face. Are there easier ways to do things? Trouble with reporting to IRS or ORS? Bring your issues and we’ll provide the forum for a rich exchange of ideas and solutions! Participants will be asked to provide a specific issue (burning need) by writing it on a card to help guide the discussion.

Presenter(s): Elizabeth Eastway, Wexford-Missaukee ISD and Lisa M. Krosnicki, Charlevoix-Emmet ISD



F21 – Proper Pupil Accounting for Special Education Students

Room: Berkey

Special education students require additional documentation to count them for pupil accounting purposes. Learn techniques to establish a well-documented process to ensure all full-time equivalents (FTEs) are accounted for properly.

Presenter(s): Carrie Haubenstricker, Genesee ISD


F22 – Writing a Proper RFP and the Rules that Follow  

Room: Emerald A

Understand the Request for Proposal (RFP) process from start to finish. Learn how to solicit bids from small to large projects and services, where to find examples, and how to evaluate proposals post bid.

Presenter(s): Dana L. Abrahams and Jeremy S. Motz, Clark Hill PLC


F23 – IT for New Technology Directors: The Role of the Modern Day Technology Director

Room: Nelson

Are you new to your position or feel you are missing some basic knowledge of IT? Learn from an expert panel of technology directors who will share their success and pitfalls of their position.

Presenter(s): Fred Sharpsteen, Mecosta-Osceola ISD; Andrew Steinman, Plymouth-Canton Community Schools, and Richard Webb, Kenowa Hills Public Schools


F24 – The ABCs of Cybersecurity

Room: Kendall

The cybersecurity landscape is wide and vast. How do you know you are doing your due diligence? Learn the acronyms.

Presenter(s): Ryan Carter, VDA Labs


F25 – Transportation Safety

Room: Grand View A

Bus incidents can have a substantial impact on your district – affecting everything from student safety, community confidence, interrupted routes, and budgets. Districts can greatly reduce the chance and severity of accidents by following best practices with maintenance programs and driver training. Learn the latest in claim trends, emerging dangers, and how to minimize common claims.

Presenter(s): Jamison Hagerty, SET SEG and Katrina Morris, West Shore ESD


10:40 – 11:00 am

Break/Passing Time

Lunch is served in the exhibit hall.

Room: Exhibit Halls B-C, DeVos Place


1:00 – 1:15 pm

Break/Passing Time

G01 – Wrap-Up/Ethics

Room: Imperial Ballroom

Celebrate completion of your certification program! Reflect on what you have learned and your role in the educational process and your school district. This class can be taken only if you are two classes or less from completing your certification (not counting the Wrap-Up/Ethics Session)

Presenter(s): David J. Hulings, Hulings and Associates, L.L.C. and David R. Martell, MSBO

G02 – Google Workspace for Professionals

Room: Pantlind Ballroom

Explore how Google Workspace for Education can be used as a platform to get stuff done! You will explore three essential tools for working efficiently: Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive. Learn hidden tips and secret strategies to help you accomplish more with these essential tools.

Presenter(s): John R. Sowash, Sowash Ventures, LLC

H03 – Good Acoustics Matter

Room: Riverview

When children cannot hear in their classroom, or music spaces do not resonate sound effectively, proper acoustic solutions can make a major difference. Learn what types of acoustic materials work in various environments. Discover how your district facilities contribute to more positive student outcomes through proper application of acoustic materials.

Presenter(s): Janice Bays and Jeff Buckallew, Armstrong Commercial Ceiling Systems


H04 – Minimizing Workplace Accidents

Room: Ruby

Simple slips, trips, and falls are the leading types of accidents resulting in workers’ compensation claims. These claims are costly and often could have been avoided. Learn how to protect yourself and your employees from injuries while on the job and discover preventive tips and practices. Also, learn best practices to follow if an accident should occur, along with mandatory training you need to provide for your employees.

Presenter(s): Deana Coolidge and Michael Grosso, SET SEG


H05 – Analyzing the Options Available in a Rising Construction Cost and Interest Rate Environment     

Room: Grand View B

Learn strategies to assist schools to accommodating future capital needs in a raising cost environment.

Presenter(s): Kristine Griffiths and Sean Wahl, PFM Financial Advisors, LLC


H06 – Cyber Security for the Business Manager    

Room: Grand View A

Learn what common cyber security issues are directed at your school district’s business office and how to protect your district.

Presenter(s): Paul Grienke, SET SEG


H07 – Bond Strategies for a Turbulent Market

Room: Thornapple

Get an update on financial markets, with a focus on the municipal bond market. Successful strategies for issuing bonds in this environment will be discussed and informational resources that can assist bond issuers will be shared. All business managers, especially those considering a bond issue, will benefit from this information.

Presenter(s): Elliot Gorski, Paul A. Soma and Christina Webb, Raymond James Financial, Inc.


H08 – Purchase Card Reconciliation

Room: Atrium

Learn how to utilize your MSBO purchase card electronic system to gain efficiency with paperless reconciliations of monthly activity. By using the online environment “Spend Dynamics” or the Mobile App have your cardholders assign pre-loaded GL codes to their transactions and attach receipts or invoices, eliminating most of the paperwork associated with the reconciliation process.  The set-up process and procedures will be discussed to get you up and running. The business office can import these coded transactions into the district’s software by exporting the transaction data in a format compatible with your accounting package. Users will have access to a PDF file of your monthly statement packets and a zip file.

Presenter(s): Gary Hackenbeck, BMO Harris Bank N.A., Beth Smith, PFM Financial Services LLC, and Practitioner


H09 – COVID Relief Funds Monitoring

Room: President Gerald R. Ford Ballroom

Get updated on the monitoring efforts for the many funding streams of relief funds available to districts during the pandemic. Understand what issues are being discovered and how can you prepare for your monitoring visit.

Presenter(s): Kevin Walters, MDE


H10 – Solar is Coming and the Future is BRITE    

Room: Nelson

Learn how the Michigan Schools Energy Cooperative (MISEC) is leading Michigan’s K-12 community in reducing their carbon footprint by Bringing Renewable Innovation to Education (BRITE).

Presenter(s): Jeff Clark, Michigan Schools Energy Cooperative


H11 – The ABCs of Purchasing Services Contracts

Room: Pearl

Learn the best practices for contract language when purchasing services.

Presenter(s): Jeremy S. Motz, Clark Hill PLC


H12 – Basic Treasury Filing Requirements 

Room: Winchester

Learn how to receive Treasury approval to borrow under the Revised Municipal Finance Act. Understand qualifying statements, prior approval, waivers and post-issuance reporting requirements.

Presenter(s): Ronald C. Liscombe, Miller Canfield and William D. Sanders and Jeffrey Schwartz, Michigan Department of Treasury


H13 – Online Payment Solutions

Room: Emerald B

Cash handling and collection is one of the biggest risk areas in your district.  Learn how to virtually eliminate the cash collections through the use of a simple online system that you control!  24/7 payments will give your community access to transact on their schedule.

Presenter(s): Bob Reolfi, PaySchools


H14 – Food Service Fiscal Hot Topics

Room: Kendall

Join MDE’s fiscal staff to discuss the latest and greatest topics impacting food service financial operations. Bring your fiscal questions!

Presenter(s): Michelle Needham and Brenda Sweatman, MDE


H15 – Reviewing Board Policies: Practical Do’s and Don’ts

Room: Ottawa

School boards and superintendents of well-governed school districts use policies to provide an outline of the organization’s methods of achieving its dual mission of providing a safe and orderly educational environment as well as performing its fiduciary duties with district funds and resources. Learn how to view board policies as a living document that empowers boards and superintendents to shape their organizations. Learn best practices in crafting and using policies as well as merging those policies with administrative guidelines.

Presenter(s): Jessica A. Milligan and Joseph B. Urban, Clark Hill PLC


H16 – Your Guide to Compliance Training  

Room: Heritage Hill

SET SEG and MSBO partner to provide a complete guide for compliance training, combining mandated training and education requirements. Loss Control experts walk you through training schedules, personnel impacted by requirements, and the Vector Solutions/SafeSchools resource included in the comprehensive guide. Learn how to access this resource and take advantage of free/discounted training available.

Presenter(s): Jamison Hagerty, SET SEG


H17 – Legal Challenges of a Paperless World

Room: Vandenberg A

As school districts adapt to the digital age, it is important to be aware of legal challenges presented by a paperless environment. Understand requirements of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and the need for proper management of personnel files, document retention, and/or litigation holds.

Presenter(s): Marshall W. Grate, Clark Hill PLC


H18 – Remote Work Revelations Post COVID

Room: Haldane

How does remote work look now that COVID is mostly over? Is remote work still an option in a school setting?

Presenter(s): Christopher D. Lamer, Ottawa Area ISD and Stephanie Weese, Livingston ESA


H19 – ORS: Independent Contractor/Third Party Employee Audit and Updates

Room: Governor’s Room

Have an in-depth discussion with ORS representatives regarding the latest “Working After Retirement” rule changes. Bring your questions and get answers!

Presenter(s): Steve Cary, Bobby Hoppes, Josefina E. McCloud, Angela Sanborn, and Jennifer Smith, ORS


H20 – Teacher Certifications Impact on FTE/Foundation Allowance

Room: Vandenberg B

Learn about new legislation and requirements for grade level and subject level placement of teachers and the penalty for not following the requirements.

Presenter(s): Caitlin Groom, CEPI and Caitlin Hengesbach and Braydin Walters, MDE


H21 – E-Rate: Using Funds to Support Technology

Room:  Emerald A

Learn how to leverage and calculate the discount rate for your district. What are the current market trends? How can you best use the funds once secured? What are the deadlines you cannot miss?

Presenter(s): Joseph Polasek, MDE


H22 – Transportation Analytics

Room:  Berkey

Learn what data is available to a transportation department to measure important factors of an operation. Discover examples of real data collected over time for transportation departments within an ISD. Learn how to think about how this information can improve operations.

Presenter(s): Lawrence Wall, Wayne RESA


1:45 – 2:00 pm

Break/Passing Time

i03 – Have You Asked for Your Rebate?

Room: Thornapple

Consumers Energy and DTE both offer numerous rebates for their customers when purchasing and installing energy efficient equipment. Learn the various ways your district can take advantage of these rebates – encouraging sound energy reduction strategies, including good maintenance practices.

Presenter(s): David W. Kirk, Consumers Energy Business Solutions and Todd O’Grady, Michigan Saves


i04 – Theater and Auditorium Operations

Room: Pearl

Theaters and auditoriums are unique areas to maintain in school districts – from curtains to stages to transitioning to LED lighting. Learn key areas to pay attention to in your theaters and auditoriums, including lighting.

Presenter(s): Russell Blain and Jon Weaver, Fantasee Integrations and Tim Hamilton, Hamilton A/V Design


i05 – Continuing Disclosure: Is Your District in Compliance?  

Room: Nelson

Bond issues never seem to go away. Find out what your responsibilities are from the reporting aspects over the course of the repayment of your indebtedness.

Presenter(s): Thomas D. Colis, Miller Canfield and Sarah Moore, PFM Financial Advisors, LLC


i06 – Fraud Prevention

Room: President Gerald R. Ford Ballroom

Learn about the common ethical dilemmas that arise in schools and examine examples of actual fraud that have occurred at local school districts and what you can do to prevent it from happening to you.

Presenter(s): Jennifer Watkins, Yeo & Yeo CPAs & Advisors


i07 – Specialized Investment Strategies for Schools

Room: Emerald B

Take advantage of market yields using specific strategies that provide some liquidity while investing for higher returns.

Presenter(s): Tahsha Mitchell, MILAF+/PFM Asset Management, LLC


i08 – Staff Transition and New Staff Mentoring

Room: Vandenberg A

Learn effective protocols for hires in the business office. Understand the forms needed for security access, suggested trainings, glossary of abbreviations, as well as other best practices when hiring new staff.

Presenter(s): Stacey Viers, Huron ISD


i09 – Cash Management Best Practices    

Room: Governor’s Room

Learn how to manage the district’s cash and investments. Including understanding banking relationships, cash flows, safe investing, and, most importantly, how to keep it all simple.

Presenter(s): Thomas L. Armstrong, MILAF+/PFM Asset Management, LLC


i10 – Understanding School Nutrition Policy at the Federal and State Level        

Room: Emerald A

Both federal and state politics deeply affect the day to day operations at schools. Hear an overview of the basics of school nutrition policy at both the federal and state levels. Changes over recent years have been vast, better understand how policy works and changes and opportunities that may be on the horizon.

Presenter(s): Mindy Grant, No Kid Hungry Michigan and Collin McDonough, American Heart Association


i11 – Unemployment Claims 101   

Room: Vandenberg B

Districts need to know the ins and outs of how to combat unemployment claims that shouldn’t be paid, including everything from giving “reasonable assurance of employment,” fighting fraudulent claims (i.e. identity theft), and learning when an employee shouldn’t qualify for unemployment (terminated for cause) and when an employee is entitled to unemployment.

Presenter(s): Ryan J. Murray, Thrun Law Firm, P.C.


i12 – Solutions to Help with Recruitment and Retention

Room: Atrium

Understand the current state of student loan debt as well information on any recent updates related to Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF). Learn how employers can implement unique strategies to help reduce the burden of student loan debt, improving the ability to recruit and retain employees.

Presenter(s): Paul Kraklan, Horace Mann


i13 – Canceled


i14 – Increase Controls and Guardrails While Maximizing Your Dollars With Online Purchasing

Room: Ottawa

Hear from Michigan school district leaders who are accelerating online purchasing and revolutionizing their procurement practices while improving compliance, visibility and control over how district dollars are spent.

Presenter(s): Jalen Almodovar and Shaina Biller, Amazon Business for Education; Christopher LaHaie, Thornapple Kellogg Schools; and Jon Laing, Lansing School District


i15 – IT Hot Topics for K-12

Room: Kendall

Hear the state of the market for systems and learn what to consider with evaluating and changing systems.

Presenter(s): Christopher Carr, Plante Moran


i16 – Specialized Pupil Accounting

Room: Berkey 

Understand pupil accounting and the issues of non-standard enrollment such as online, shared time, and seat-time waivers.

Presenter(s): Jessica Beagle and Brian Ciloski, MDE


i17 – Competitive Bidding 101

Room: Haldane

Learn competitive bidding requirements including remote bidding protocols in the COVID-19 era.

Presenter(s): Ronald C. Liscombe, Miller Canfield


i18 – Funding Opportunities for IT Security

Room: Heritage Hill

Understand the needs and priorities for cybersecurity in your school district. Learn about funding sources that will help you maximize opportunities for your district or ISD technology department.

Presenter(s): Paul Twigg, Barton Malow and Troy Wissink, Huron Valley Schools


i19 – Address Confidentiality Program and Impact on Pupil Transportation

Room: Grand View A

In an effort to provide protection for some vulnerable families by keeping addresses confidential, schools will have to be sure and follow the guidance provided. Unfortunately, the guidelines are a challenge, particularly in pupil transportation. Learn what the current program entails for transportation and how your district might deal with this issue.

Presenter(s): Karen Hall, Office of the Attorney General and Katrina Morris, West Shore ESD

2:30 – 2:45 pm

Passing Time/Break


2:45 – 4:00 pm

Closing General Session, Business Meeting and Prizes

Room: Ambassador Ballroom

MSBO President Julie Omer becomes Immediate Past President and turns the gavel over to incoming MSBO President Mary Beth Rogers who will lead us through the business meeting as we recognize our leadership group for the past year, draw for prizes, and perform the business of the association as we close the 84th MSBO Annual Conference and Exhibit Show.


Stay until the end to be eligible for these prizes:

  • 1 Night Midweek & choice of 2 18 hole rounds on Betsie Valley or 2 lift tickets Crystal Mountain Resort
  • 1 Night stay at the Hilton Garden Inn, Kalamazoo, MI– from Discover Kalamazoo
  • $50 in Downtown Dollars from Discover Kalamazoo
  • 1 Carryon Luggage Bag from Great Lakes Bay, Saginaw MI
  • 1 Night at Homewood Suites by Hilton Grand Rapids, MI
  • 1 Night at Lakeview Hotel & 2 18 holes rounds at Shanty Creek, Bellaire MI
  • 1 Night & breakfast for 2 at Somerset Inn, Troy MI
  • $100 Gift Certificate from Traverse City Tourism
  • $100 Gift Certificate from Traverse City Tourism
  • $50 Gift Certificate from Traverse City Tourism
  • 5 Apple Airpods donated by MSBO
  • 2 Mophie 3-1 Charging Stand with MagSafe Charger donated by MSBO
  • $100 Sperry Gift Card from Experience Grand Rapids

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