Annual Conference
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110 — Facilities Pre-Conference

B03 — HVAC’s Impact on Coronavirus and Beyond

B04 — The Future of Domestic Water Heaters

C03 — Developing Security Priorities

C04 — Water Testing Protocols

E03 — Construction Projects: Clarifying Misunderstandings About Laws and Procedures

E04 — Effectively Cleaning in Today’s Environment

F03 — Maintaining Synthetic Fields into the Future

F04 — Practical Solutions to Procurement and Labor Challenges During School Improvement Projects

H02 — The Bleacher Report

H03 — Current Trends in the Energy Markets and Does Solar Energy Make Sense for your District

i02 — Don’t Leave Money on the Table

i03 — Tools to Navigate the Changing Workforce





170 — Finance Pre-Conference

B05 — Accounting and Auditing Update

B06 — Understanding Bank Technology & What You’re Really Earning on Deposits

B07 — Budget Timelines for ISDs

B08 — How to Explain Additional Funding to Your Board, Staff and Community

B09 — Enhancement Millages: Success Stories, Challenges, and Planning for the Future

B10 — Special Education State Aid and Federal Information and Updates

B11 — School Bond Election Planning & Strategies

B12 — Indirect Costs

C05 — SKE w/ District-Wide Financials

C06 — Healthy Ways to Attract and Retain Staff

C07 — Balanced Calendar: Balancing the Wants and Needs of All Stakeholders

C08 — The Bond Passed: Now What About Construction Contracts?

C09 — Enrollment Projections Done Right!

C10 — School Aid Budget Status

C11 — Special Education Finance

C12 — CTE Reporting and Spending

E05 — How to Pull Off a Successful Audit Without Pulling Out Your Hair!

E06 — Using Best Business Practices to Promote District Sustainability

E07 — Cash Flow and Short-Term Borrowing Options

E08 — Special Education Finance for ISDs

E09 — Capital Expenditures and ESSER Grants

E10 — Implementing and Growing a Purchasing Card Program

E12 — 32d Great Start Readiness Programs (GSRP) Update

F05 — Davis/Bacon Act Federal Bidding Requirements

F06 — Building Community Through Bond Projects: An Overview of the Process and Roles

F07 — CHAMPS Facility Settlement Subsystem Update

F08 — Continuing Disclosure: Is Your District in Compliance?

F09 — Federal Procedures Manual and Policy Writing

F10 — Legislative Update

F11 — MDE Potpourri

F12 — NexSys System Basics

F16 — Am I Ethical?

H04 — Understanding the Moody’s Rating Service

H05 — Purchasing in an Online Marketplace

H06 — Food Service Monitoring

H07 — Basic Treasury Filing Requirements

H08 — Using ESSER Funds to Support Student Well-Being

H09 — Bond Proceed Investment Basics

H10 — MILAF+

i04 — Advance Your Potential with Wilkes University

i05 — Reviewing Board Policies: Practical Do’s and Don’ts

i06 — MILAF+ Connect Training



Food & Nutrition Services


120 — Food & Nutrition Services Pre-Conference

B15 — Critical Food Service Budget Metrics

C15 — Procurement Ethics in Food Service

E15 — Rules for Equipment Purchase and Properly Dealing with Excess Fund Balance

F15 — Professional Standards in the National School Lunch Program

H13 — Continuing to Serve Meals at No Cost

i09 — Supply Chain: Still?





B16 — Getting the Most Out of Your ERP System

B17 — Legal Update

C16 — Succession Planning – A Critical Leadership Responsibility

C17 — Title IX Update

E16 — The True Cost of Cybercrime: How Hackers Affect Your Business, Budget, and Reputation

E17 — Working Without a Net: What COVID Taught Us About the Importance of Strategic Planning and Change Management

F17 — 9 Ways to Maximize Learning with the Budget Process

H14 — 2022 MSBO/Hiring Solutions LLC Annual Salary Survey

H15 — Effectively Handling FOIA Requests

H18 — Paperless Workflow

i10 — Free Speech & Social Media for Public Employees

i11 — Controlling Workers’ Compensation Costs


Human Resources


130 — Human Resources Pre-Conference

B19 — Collective Bargaining: Innovations and Advanced Strategies

C18 — Insurance Benefits — Current Trends

C19 — Leveraging Your Compensation Systems to Attract AND Retain Great People

E18 — The Effects of COVID on Human Resources

E19 — Bringing Clarity to Reimbursement Accounts

F18 — Owner-Controlled Insurance

F19 — Student Loan Forgiveness

H16 — Legal Management of Personnel Files for Litigation in the Digital Age

H17 — Legal Considerations in Hiring Contract Employees and Retirees

i13 — Everything You Need to Know About Employment Contracts



New Business Manager


150 — New Business Manager Pre-Conference

B13 — State School Aid Fund Sources 101

B14 — Bulletin 1022 Accounting Manual for New Business Managers

C13 — State Aid Status Report

C14 — Bond Issuance 101

E11 — MPSERS Reporting Instruction Manual: Chapter 4

E13 — Bonds vs. Sinking Funds: Which is the Best Fit for Your District?

E14 — Understanding and Completing Your SEFA

F13 — Grants Management 101

F14 — ORS for Beginners

H11 — Proposal A and the Closing of the Funding Gap

H12 — MSBO Dynamic Budget Projections Software

i07 — MSBO BMA: Mini Session

i08 — How to Maneuver Through the Section 18: Transparency Reporting





B20 — Understanding and Reconciling ORS Payments

C20 — Payroll Processing and Legal Compliance

E20 — Unemployment Claims 101

F20 — “Open-Mic” for Payroll Processors



Pupil Accounting


B21 — Pupil Accounting Fundamentals

C21 — Top 10 Reasons Why Your District Could Lose FTE/Foundation Allowance Revenue

E21 — Building a Shared Time Program

F21 — Proper Pupil Accounting for Special Education Students

H19 — Teacher Certifications Impact on FTE/Foundation Allowance Cancelled

i15 — Specialized Pupil Accounting





B18 — Public School Procurements: Navigating Federal Regulations

B22 — The Fundamentals of Contracts and Competitive Bidding

C22 — Purchasing in Today’s Climate with Fewer Bidders

E22 — Fundamentals of Purchasing Policies and Procedures

F22 — RFP 101: Start to Finish

i16 — A Comparison of Leasing vs. Buying





160 — Technology Pre-Conference

B23 — Budgets for IT: A New Perspective

B24 — Ransomware — The Threat is Real and It Happened to Us!

C23 — Construction Technology and How It Will Shape Your Next Project

C24 — Data Driven Technology Planning with MICIP

E23 — The Law and Technology for School Officials

E24 — Social Media Policies & Procedures

F23 — Data Privacy and Security

F24 — Gotta Keep ‘em Separated!

G01 — Cybersecurity Risks and Insurance

H20 — IT Vendor Fraud

i17 — SEN — Internet Statewide





180 — Transportation Pre-Conference

B25 — Managing Transportation Risks

C25 — Getting the SE 4094 Right: It’s Important

E25 — Why Electric School Buses?

F25 — Transportation Hot Topics Round Table

H21 — Bus STOP, LOOK & LISTEN: Prevent Incidents with Proper Bus Maintenance

i18 — Lease or Own: Best Practices for Financing School Buses


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