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The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) 2009

Implementing the Recovery Act by U.S. Department of Education

Memorandum from State Superintendent Flanagan dated March 27, 2009 and presentation (3/30/09)

House Fiscal Agency Summary (March 25, 2009) (3/26/09)

Saving and Creating Jobs and Reforming Education by the U.S. Department of Education (3/26/09)

National Staff Development Council strategies for using ARRA funds for professional development (3/19/09)

AASA Economic Stimulus Update #1 (3/16/09)

AASA Economic Stimulus Update #2 (3/16/09)

Memo to the Michigan Senate by the State Fiscal Agency (3/16/09)

Implementation Timeline (3/16/09)

MDE Cover Letter - General Inforamation (3/12/09)

MDE's ARRA Education Grant Information (3/12/09)

Initial Stimulus Guidelines Released by USDOE (3/9/09)

Michigan Inventory of Requests (Michigan Recovery and Reinvestment Plan Web Site, which has the complete list of projects submitted. Check this often as it is updated regularly to see if your district's project(s) is listed.) (2/19/09)

Estimated Grants for K-12 for Major Federal Stimulus Programs by the Senate Fiscal Agency-updated February 20, 2009 (3/9/09)

Congressional Research Service Summary (2/23/09)

Title I Funds by District (2/23/09)

Stimulus Analysis by House Fiscal Agency (2/19/09)

ASBO Summary (2/17/09)

Conference Committee Possible Allocations by District (2/16/09)

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) Press Release (2/13/09)

Conference call with Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education (2/13/09)

House & Senate Conference Agreement, Federal Education-Related Programs National Table (2/13/09)

House & Senate Conference Agreement, Major Federal Education-Related Programs State Table (2/13/09)

Hope Street Group Analysis of the ARRA of 2009 (2/13/09)

Preliminary Conference Agreement Stimulus Allocations (2/13/09)

Recovery Act Fact Sheet (2/13/09)

Stimulus Conference Report (2/13/09)

Side By Side Comparison of ARRA of 2009 (2/13/09)

Tax Credit Bond Provisions (2/13/09)


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