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MSBO Membership

MSBO Membership Benefits

  • Professional Development: Get the latest information through MSBO workshops and conferences, including the MSBO Annual Conference (more than 250 breakout sessions and 370 exhibits providing products/services for school districts).
  • Representation: MSBO represents its members on a wide variety of oversight and advisory committees (MISEC, MIEM, CEPI, MPSERS, and the Education Alliance).
  • Professional Certification: Twelve separate training tracks are offered: three for business office personnel, two for pupil accounting, plus food services, operations, facilities, transportation, payroll specialists, human resources and technology managers.
  • Networking through MSBO Committees and Regional Groups: Join one in your area!
  • Consulting Services in the areas of Transportation, Food Service, and Custodial, Maintenance, and Grounds.
  • Information: Timely information through the MSBO newsletter (published monthly), e-News & Notes e-mails, MASA Leader (available @ $20/year), and the MSBO Web site. Look up member companies in the Membership Directory and the School Purchasing Pages. Sign up for one of our listservs to share information and learn from your colleagues.
  • MSBO/MAPT Bus Purchase Program: MSBO develops the specifications and does the bidding for you!
  • Individual assistance with your questions: call MSBO at (517) 327-5920 if we can help in any way.

MSBO Membership Information and Forms

Active Members

  • Membership Application (July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013 will be available soon)
  • You can pay your ASBO membership dues when you renew your MSBO membership

Associate Members

MSBO Annual Membership Dues

ACTIVE MEMBERS (Employed by a Michigan school, college or university, or state agency; membership remains with member)

  • Active Membership-$129
  • Contract Associate Membership-$129; Individuals not directly employed by a school or district, but working in the capacity of an active member; listed with school district information.
  • MSBO/MAPT Combo Membership-$239 (Active membership in both Michigan Association for Pupil Transportation and MSBO)
  • MSBO Membership in conjunction with SNAM-$104 (For Food Service Directors only; must be a member of School Nutritiion Association of Michigan)
  • Student Membership-$29 (Full-time college students only)
  • Emeritus Membership-$29 (Retired and former Active MSBO members)
  • Emeritus Life Membership-$14 (Renewals of Life memberhips only)
  • ASBO Membership-$211 (Includes annual membership in ASBO; 12 months regardless of when your ASBO membership expires)

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS (Employed in a business, not an educational institution. All Associate Memberships include the School Purchasing Pages.)

  • Primary Associate Membership-$258 (First member from your company; one required per company)
  • Primary Associate/MAPT Combo Membership-$368 (First member from your company; includes membership in MAPT)
  • Secondary Associate Membership-$129 (Subsequent members from your company)
  • Secondary Associate/MAPT Combo Membership-$239 (Subsequent members from your company; includes membership in MAPT)


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(517)327-5920   Fax: (517)327-0768

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