April 20, 2012

MSBO Annual Conference & Exhibit Show Tips

Secrets of Effective Follow Ups

  1. Timely
  2. Personalized
  3. Reinforces the company's message
  4. Gives them what they ask for
  5. Provides the ability to track sales

Trade show statistics show that 80 percent of the leads that exhibitors get are not followed up on. It's important to have a follow up plan in place before you go to the show.

Keep It Simple

When promoting discounts and sale prices at an exhibit show – keep it simple. Instead of listing a complicated set of discounts with percentages, be sure to focus on the total savings to school districts. Provide price sheets that highlight total savings and discounted prices. Price sheets also provide booth staff a tool to begin a conversation with people visiting your booth.

-- School Business Affairs, December 2010

Standing Out From the Crowd

True personalization means using the information gathered - the most important needs of the customer.

Reinforce your exhibit theme in your follow up to help with recall. Attendees can be put off when they don’t receive the information they were promised. In their minds, you weren’t listening to their needs. If they want a catalog and you call them on the phone, they will just tell you again to please send a catalog.

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"Remember ... your job doesn’t end the minute the trade show is over. Instead, the most important part begins! You have those leads – now turn them into money in the bank!"
Marlys K. Arnold, ImageSpecialist

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