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The documents found on this page have been provided from a number of sources. MSBO is providing them as a service to its members. If you have a school business document that you feel would be useful to other districts and do not see it listed, please let us know. Any Word or Excel document can easily be customized for your district. You must have the free Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer in order to open PDF documents.

Activity Funds


Board Financial Reports


Business Office Operating Procedures

  • Sample I (posted with permission from Hale Area Schools)
  • Sample II (posted with permission from Ionia County ISD)

Petty Cash


Financial Reports and Information

Electronic Transactions

Fund Balance

Policies and Procedures

Spreadsheets for Budgeting and Auditing

Actual Cash
Final Inventory
Food Service Federal Revenue
General Long-Term Obligations
Interest Earnings
State Aid Payments
State Aid - First Revision
Statement of Activities

Student-Related Policies

Application to Drive Student Vehicle on School Property
Cell Phone Policy
Student Discipline
Student Hazing
Student Policies
Student Records
Student Rights with Emancipation Affidavit
Student Wellness Policy I
Student Wellness Policy II
Student Worksite Agreement


Advertising Guidelines
Agreement for Collection of Summer School Property Taxes
Aide Hours Expenditure
At-Risk Estimate Calculator
Athletic Pay-to-Participate Fee Schedule I
Athletic Pay-to-Participate Fee Schedule II
Athletic Pay-to-Participate Fee Schedule III (with Fee Waiver Form)
Athletic Pay-to-Participate Fee Schedule IV
Benefit Cost Chargeback Language
Campaign Do's and Don't's
Cell Phone Agreement I
Cell Phone Agreement II
Cell Phone Agreement III
Committee Meeting Minutes
Confidentiality Agreement
Consent for Student to Participate in Survey, Analysis or Evaluation
Cost Report for Cooperative Education
Cost Report for Special Education
Cost Report for Vocational Education
CEPI Current Forms with Due Dates
Donation Receipt I (Form)
Donation Receipt II (Letter)
Donation Receipt III (Letter)
Donation Receipt IV (Letter)
Dual High School Enrollment Worksheet I
Dual High School Enrollment Worksheet II
Dual High School Enrollment Worksheet III
Evaluation of Board Effectiveness
Event Reconciliation
Gifts to and from Staff
Lawful Expenditures
Millage Proposal at a Glance I
Millage Proposal at a Glance II
Millage Proposal Press Release, Election Info, At a Glance, & Superintendent Letter
Non-Sufficient Fund Letter
Notice of Special Board Meeting
Purchase Card Activity Log
Relations with Constituent Districts
Request for Check I
Request for Check II (Miscellaneous Expense/Student Fund)
Request for Check III (Athletic Officials)
Request for Check for Conference/Workshop
Request for Relase from Instruction Form
Request to Attend Conference I
Request to Attend Conference II (with Reimbursement Form)
Request to Use Copyrighted Material
Retirement System Rates
Salary Schedule - Administrator
Scheduled Days of Instruction I
Scheduled Days of Instruction II
School Closing Criteria
Special Education Classroom Hours Worksheet for DS4061
Staff Dress
Student Supervision and Welfare
Tax Deferred Purchase Worksheet
Tax Receipt Letter I
Tax Receipt Letter II
Title I, Part A, Comparability Report
Waiver & Release/Hold Harmless/Permission to Use Photo


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