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Grandparent Provision

MSBO will take into account your years of experience to waive classes or degrees depending on the certification track.

Equivalent experience is determined by:

  • 5 years or more - waive the Associate's Degree requirement.
  • 10 years of more - waive the Bachelor's Degree requirement.

This is only to waive the Associate and Bachelor Degree in the Business Office Manager, School Technology Management, School Payroll Specialist, Human Resource Specialist, or Business Office Specialist certification track. There is no provision to waive the Bachelor Degree requirement in the Chief Financial Officer certification track.

If MSBO waives the degree requirement, then all classes need to be taken.

If you have the prerequisites, the following criteria applies:

  • 6-10 years of experience - 18 hours and Wrap-up Session
  • 11-15 years of experience - 12 hours and Wrap-up Session
  • Over 15 years of experience - 6 hours and Wrap-up Session

Please complete the grandparenting application and submit it to MSBO to determine your individual status of certification.


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