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Registering Your District

Vendor Registration

Online Training

Learn more on how you can participate in local and statewide bids through BidSync (formerly RFP Depot). BidSnyc offers maximum flexibility in a streamlined, web-based RFP and bidding system. This secure, automated, system allows schools to manage all competitive and other procurement processes online.

We believe that BidSync represents a major opportunity for saving schools money. But, it will only work well if districts register. It only takes a minute or two, so please do it now. Then we can start using this valuable tool to save all districts precious resources!

If you have questions, contact Deneen Hansen, 517.327.2585.

Current Statewide Bids

Your district must be registered to view or join these bids. Just click on the link, click on the "Secure Log In" button, and sign in.

  • There are currently no bids open. Please check back at a later date.

Registering Your District

Register your district today! It's FREE and it commits you to nothing. Plus, it will allow you to:

  • Take part in cooperative bids created by other Michigan schools
  • Initiate cooperative bids from your school
  • Conduct an individual bid for your own school using a sophisticated but simple on-line bidding system

The more districts that register, the better the cooperative bids will work. Registering is an easy process, just go to the BidSync Website.

Or, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the BidSync home page
  • Click on “Government Purchasing” on the tool bar
  • Click on “Getting Started”
  • Click on “Register”
  • Fill in your district’s information and then click on “Submit Information” at the bottom of the page.

Vendor Registration

Register your company today! It's FREE and provides these benefits:

  • Automatically receive bid notifications
  • Electronically complete & sign bid forms
  • Access electronic bid documents
  • Eliminate postage, printing, binding, etc.
  • And, more...

Or, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the BidSync home page
  • Click on "Register"
  • Fill in your company's information and then click on “Submit” at the bottom of the page.

Online Training

BidSync is offering weekly online training sessions. New topics will be covered each week.

Topics include:

  • Bid Creation
  • Bid Layout (Online Cost Sheets)
  • Vender Experience
  • Spec Library: Learn how to browse existing specs and adapt them to your needs.
  • Pre-Bid Conferences: Explore pre-bid conference options and get more participation from vendors.
  • Online Questions and Answers: Learn the benefits of the online Question and Answers Section for you and your vendors.
  • Documents: Ascertain when to have a document converted into a web form and how. Plus, get tips on creating an HTML compatible document.
  • Reports: Learn how to create reports that include information you need on a bid-by- bid basis.
  • Tabulations/Awarding: Find your bid results quickly and award with ease.
  • Administrators: Join a round-table with administrators to discuss how the system is working for you and give us feedback for future upgrades.

Seating is limited, e-mail BidSync, or call 800.990.9339, x2, to RSVP today. Let BidSync know which topics are of interest to you.

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